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Your Winter Accessory Guide: Choosing the Right Leather Gloves

Your Winter Accessory Guide: Choosing the Right Leather Gloves

Leather gloves aren't just the most practical way to keep your hands warm during the winter, they've also been a status symbol as long as they've been around. 

Leather gloves are durable, beautiful, warm, and they even make tasks that are typically difficult in gloves a lot easier. Keep reading to find out all the best things about leather gloves and how to choose the best pair for you.

Why Buy Leather Gloves?

Like all real leather goods, leather gloves become more beautiful and comfortable as they age as long as they're well taken care of. Leather gloves are winter accessories that will last a lifetime and never go out of style. As long as you get the right fit, they'll look polished and sophisticated no matter what the current trends are.

They're also so warm and form-fitting, that they make some tasks easier in the winter. With cotton gloves, you have to choose between holding a cold steering wheel in the morning or having an inferior grip while driving. But leather gloves mimic your own skin so that you can stay warm and hold tight to the steering wheel. There's a reason why people used to have driving gloves.

How to Get the Right Pair When Buying Gloves

Materials, glove cut, glove size, and styles all come into play when buying gloves. Use these considerations when choosing the best pair of gloves for your winter wardrobe.


What do you primarily want to use your gloves for? The answer to this question will impact what materials you should be looking at. A thin leather such as lambskin is great if you plan on using them for driving or fashion purposes, but if you plan on doing any manual labor, thick deerskin gloves will be the better option.

If warmth is your main goal, make sure to choose a glove with some kind of lining; cashmere is a great choice!


Look up size guides to make sure that you're getting the right size of the glove when ordering online. Size mostly refers to the ratio between the size of your palm to the length of your fingers. Everyone is a little different, and some brands fit some sizes better than others. So, be sure to do your research.


Is your style more rough and rugged or more sleek and sophisticated? No matter which it is, there's a good leather glove for you. When you think of leather gloves you may first think of workman's gloves, but remember that leather evening gloves have a rich history and can make your fingers look long and thin. 

You'll also want to consider how far down the wrist you want your glove to come or the glove cut. More typically masculine styles may stop right at the wrist, but there's a nice sleek look to a little extension past. It all depends on what you like.

Your Best Winter Gloves Ever

By keeping in mind your size, the style you like, and the materials that will best suit your needs, you'll find leather gloves that you'll love for your whole lifetime. Year after year when you bring out your gloves you'll feel satisfied in their fit, style, and warmth.

Don't wait! Get your dream gloves today!

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