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Mini-Review: Burkley Full Leather Snap-On Back Cover Case For iPhone XR | Burkley Case

Mini-Review: Burkley Full Leather Snap-On Back Cover Case For iPhone XR


I got an iPhone XR in blue on launch day, and in the weeks leading up to that I’d been on the lookout for just the right case (I’m normally a case-less guy, but with an all-glass back, I’m not messing around). Apple had been, and to this day remains silent with regard to any sort of first-party cases, so I was obligated to look elsewhere.

I looked at a bunch of different options, including:

In the end I landed on this leather case by Burkley, and it’s just beautiful. At press time the case is absent from Burkley’s online store as they are making a few design tweaks for re-release.

Burkley iPhone caseThe Burkley Full Leather Case for iPhone XR.

Okay, I’ll be honest, I didn’t love the texture of this leather case at first. I guess I’m a bit sensitive to texture (looking at you, Fast Company cover stock), and out of the box I found the overall feel of this Burkley case a bit rough/off-putting in contrast to an iPhone’s typical smooth metallic or glass surface.

However, after a few weeks of wear and some further review, I’m loving how this case looks and feels. The sides where I hold the phone have already started to pick up a rich patina from my finger oils (is there a better way to say that?) and the back has gotten some nicks and scratches that give the case some truly unique character. Any roughness seems to have faded away, leaving a smooth, clean finish.

The coffee brown color of this Burkley leather case complements the iPhone’s blue finishes, both on the camera/flash cut-out on the back and the buttons/speaker inlays on the side and bottom. And I love the Burkley buffalo that’s stamped into the leather at the very bottom of the case.

At $50, this was not an inexpensive option, but to me it was well-worth the purchase. I plan to keep this phone for at least three years, and this Burkley case is both protective and stylish.


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