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Limited Edition : Pieno Full Leather Covered Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case for Samsung Note 10

23 reviews
Color: Tiguan Pink

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This kind of cover is something truly to be desired. Not only does it hold your cash and cards in a beautiful premium leather shell, but it also allows for the phone to be detached from the wallet portion while still keeping the phone itself safe in the inner case. A fantastic case for somebody looking for a bit more utility in what they get.


    • Premium Full-Grain Leather
    • Detachable Phone Case
    • Wrapped Entirely in Leather
    • Built-in Kickstand
    • 4 Credit Card Slots
    • 1 Cash Pocket
    • Made for Samsung Note 10 and Samsung Note 10 5G
    • Final Sale. Retiring Soon. Get it while supplies last.

    Also available for Galaxy Note 10+ Plus


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John R.
Canada Canada
Awsome product and service

It works awsome and does exactly what it's supposed to do. Also I messed up and ordered the wrong size case, and had no problem at all sorting it out with this company ,they were awsome to deal with and absolutely will again.


Hello, its Peter again and I'm here with your 1 YEAR REVIEW UPDATE! If you read my last review and still havent pulled the trigger then maybe this 1 year update my finally help you make your decision. 12+ Months of abuse, and I do mean the full definition of the word. I purchased 2 of Burkleys cases as seen in pics and BOTH held up phenomenally! The Pieno leather actually HEALED itself which absolutely amazed me. Not 2 months passed and I had put my phone case in my pocket along with a sticky note from a sticky note pad. Didn't even think of the consequences, however when I pulled out my phone about an hour later I pulled the sticky note off my phone and it ripped an even rectangle of leather right off the case and exposed a bright colored fresh new scar of rough leather...(screams out loud "NOOOoooOOOOooooOO!!!!") I was crushed...I was mad...I was so crazy with MYSELF for making this mistake I almost punched myself lol. Then, I swallowed the lump and went on with my day and chalked it up to my new cases first battle wound (tear). However, to my surprise some time later (maybe a few weeks? No idea honestly apologies) I pulled out my phone to check it like anyone else would have and happened to notice that the SCAR was GONE!! The leather all had the same color again! I was shocked...I was amazed...I actually had to call my friend and ask him if he had remembered me telling him about me ruining my brand new $100 phone case just to make sure it actually happened and i wasnt going CRAZY! He all happened and NOW the scar had healed itself! WHAT?! =D Magnets still work as they did the very 1st day. I own a retail crystal & CBD shop and I CONSTANTLY take pictures...I also always detach the phone from the main section as well as take my phone completely out of the leather wrapped hard case so I can use a tripod stand i have. The point of me sharing this is because the phone STILL goes in SNUG without any damaging of the leather nor seams. AMAZING! I've definitely dropped BOTH of these cases with my phone in it and in different positions (oh goodie, now the details!) * I dropped it fully closed and magnetically locked and it landed on its CORNER and ZERO damage to my phone as well as the case! again, it healed itself! * I dropped it OPEN but magnetically attached to the outside case and the phone landed perfectly FLAT....ON THE SCREEN SIDE!!! (EeeeeK!!!) Soon as I seen it hit the floor FLAT I immediately yielded and said "...$#!^! that broke for SURE!! $#!^!!!" but ONCE AGAIN to my surprise I picked up my Samsung Note 10 PLUS and revealed a perfectly intact screen and phone all together! WOO HOO! * I dropped it with the hard case only and detached from the leather soft cover and it was dropped on its well as FACE FLAT DOWN....BOTH TIMES PHONES SURVIVED!!!! freaking money well spent right here if you ask me but more to review, keep reading. The SEAMS - Keep in mind I may not be a construction worker however, I'm always building stuff which puts my phone and precious leather case in compromising situations lol. Regardless of these situations and rough conditions ALL SEAMS are in tact with ZERO FRAY! The leather itself - I mean, as mentioned above this leather heals itself like some sort of alien unobtanium or something. Look at the pic, as far as im concerned you can hardly tell its been a year just judging from what wear you can see...or NOT see??? either way I to this very day get people saying to me "beautiful NEW cases you got there!" tee-hee "New?" tee-hee they a year old! Credit Card area - OKAY, I guess no product is perfect right? Welp, to all those pessimists out there heres one for you guys and gals...If you have credit cards in the slots it is going to have a hard time closing. HOWEVER, if you ask me we are living in the 21st century and we now have these little metal thingies called "Metal Card Holders" that vista print gives for free on any order OR you can just buy one for $5-$10 and it will hold 3-6 cards depending on the size you get AND since it closes FLAT it actually takes up less space in your pocket then trying to squeeze all of them in your beautiful leather "PHONE CASE!" SO, get over it and keep your cards somewhere else...that or upgrade yourself to crypto currency and ditch the credit cards all together - BUY SNX, REN, BTC, ETH, CRO, VET!! (lol) However, it DOES fit 1 business card per slot which makes it nice for business people and entrepreneurs ;) Final thoughts? Well, at the time I am writing this BlackBrook has decided to have a "61% OFF SALE?" Well, if I said it was worth the money at $100 then you better ****** well believe it is worth it at $36!!!!! In fact, I might buy me 2 more for chits and giggles.

BlackBrook Case Pieno Full Leather Covered Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 ReviewBlackBrook Case Pieno Full Leather Covered Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 ReviewBlackBrook Case Pieno Full Leather Covered Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 ReviewBlackBrook Case Pieno Full Leather Covered Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 Review
Stacey P.
United States United States
Needs improvement

Good quality but when card slots filled and a few dollar bills added, case has trouble closing and keeps "waking up" the phone. The wallet part is too short to close comfortably when phone and cards are added. To bad as otherwise very well made.

United States United States
Most practical case ever

Such a great design, 2 cases in one.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Excellent All Round!

Delivery to the UK was quicker than expected and quality of the product was excellent!