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10 Interesting Facts About Leather - BlackBrook Case

10 Interesting Facts About Leather

Leather is one of the most useful and stylish materials known to man and has been for a very long time. It was originally used for protection against the outdoor elements, but now has a wide range of unique uses today. If it weren’t for leather, who knows where our civilization would be. 

Throughout history, leather has evolved in many ways. Not only have the tanning processes changed, but we’ve invented ways of dyeing leather and increasing its durability for long-term use. It’s safe to say that the leather we see today is far from the leather that was used back then.

In fact, we’ve learned so much about leather that most people don’t know the whole story. Many people would be surprised to learn everything about leather and might even be a little more interested in utilizing leather on a daily basis — if they aren’t using it already, which is rare. 

Facts About Leather You Weren’t Aware Of

The truth is there’s a lot about leather that you likely had no idea of. It’s much more popular than most people think, more ancient than you’d believe, and more sustainable than you think. We might know that leather is wonderful, but most people have no idea just how wonderful it is. 

Don’t worry, we’re going to clear the air with some interesting, unique, and fascinating facts about leather that most people aren’t aware of. Some of these facts might surprise you, but they’re all 100% true and can easily be fact-checked. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Not All Leather Is Created Equal

Leather comes in a wide range of different qualities, which are generally referred to as grains. While top-grain leather is the most popular and most-used leather grain, it’s far from the highest quality. Instead, full-grain leather is the highest quality and most expensive leather known today.

Leather Comes From A Variety of Different Animals

Although most leather products today utilize the hide (skin) of a cow, it’s not the only animal that’s used to produce leather. In fact, other popular animals used for leather are sheep, pigs, and goats. Exotic leather can come from crocodiles, snakes, zebras, ostriches, and more. 

Leather Has Been Used for Over 7,000 Years

Leather dates all the way back to primitive man and has been used for thousands of years. Ancient artifacts and paintings on walls suggest the Egyptians were using leather for a variety of things back in 5,000 BC. The Greeks, Romans, and Hebrew people were also major players.

China and Italy Are the World’s Largest Leather Exporters

If you were looking at the largest exporter of leather in regards to volume, you’d be looking at China, which represents just under 40% of all leather exported in the world. In regards to value, Italy is the world’s largest exporter of leather -- exploring nearly $4 billion of leather globally.

The Leather Industry Generates Nearly $54 Billion in Yearly Revenue

While China and Italy are known as the world’s largest leather exporters, it doesn’t mean they’re the only players in the market. In fact, the leather industry is responsible for generating nearly $54 billion in revenue every single year and that number continues to increase each year. 

Leather Is a Sustainable and Renewable Material

Many people will be surprised by this fact, but it’s true. First off, leather is a by-product of the food industry. If we weren’t using it as a material, it would go to waste. Secondly, if we weren’t using leather, it would be replaced by synthetic materials derived from non-renewable sources.

The Most Difficult Leather to Produce is White Leather

If you were to walk through quality and natural leather store, you might notice that the white leather goods are more expensive than the other colors. That’s because white leather is much more difficult to produce and is prone to cracking if not dyed onto the best-quality leather.

The Texture of Leather Depends on the Environment It’s In

Leather is a porous material, which means the environment plays a vital role in its texture and appearance. If your leather product is in a humid environment, it will be much softer than if it were in a dry environment. That’s because the leather is soaking up all the moisture in the air.

Most People Are Wearing a Minimum of 4 Leather Goods Everyday

Leather products are so popular that, on average, most people are wearing four leather goods on their person at any given time. For the most part, wallets, belts, bags, purses, and shoes make up a good majority of that. Leather jackets and leather hats are also very popular today.

People Used to Use Leather as Wallpaper

Can you imagine replacing your paint or existing wallpaper with a leather one? Well, that wasn’t such a strange idea back in the 17th century. In fact, it was extremely high-fashion to design the interior of your home with leather wallpaper — especially in Italy, such as Venice and Florence.

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At Black Brook Case, we absolutely love leather products and are committed to making leather goods more available and accessible to the everyday person. Although there’s nothing that can surprise you about the wonderful world of leather, we know that’s not the case with everyone today.

Whether you’re just now catching on to the wonderful benefits that leather provides us on a daily basis or are looking to expand your leather collection of products, Black Brook Case has a wide variety of leather goods to choose from. If you love leather as we do, you’ll get lost in our shop!

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If you’re ready to invest in some premium full-grain leather products — the best of the best — look no further than Black Brook Case. You can contact us at any time with questions, comments, or concerns. Otherwise, start shopping our wonderful selection available today!

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