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Personalization Details

At BlackBrook Case, we're proud to offer the personalization of your newest leather product! With monogramming to your case you can truly make our premium leather products yours!  Now with latest laser engraving options we can add your favorite quote or image on leather items.

All of our monogramming is done in house at our workshop here in Florida. We utilize a custom hot stamping machine made by the Kwikprint company, a trusted All-American hot stamping machine manufacture that has been around since 1926. Each custom order is hand stamped with care and to the customer's liking by our expert craftsman. Perfect to stylize your personal case, or as a gift! Currently, monogramming is only available for select products - if monogramming is available for a product, the option will be present on the product page. Please note, the standard monogram position is in the top right corner of the case.

Expanding our range of personalization options, BlackBrook Case is excited to introduce the latest in custom detailing: laser engraving!This new service allows for even more creativity and individuality, enabling you to inscribe your preferred text or image directly onto our leather products. Utilizing state-of-the-art laser technology, our skilled technicians can etch intricate designs and precise lettering, offering a durable and elegant finish. Whether it's a meaningful quote, a special date, or a beloved image, our laser engraving brings a unique touch to your leather case. This service is available on a wide selection of our products, and you can easily choose this option on the product page where available. Add a distinct and personal flair to your leather goods with our new laser engraving service, perfect for both personal use and as a thoughtful, customized gift.

Monogram, Helvetica Font, Wallet Bottom Left

Monogram, Helvetica Font, Wallet Top Right

Monogram, Helvetica Font, Wallet Top Right

Laser Engraving, Custom Image

Laser Engraving, Custom Text

Laser Engraving, Custom Icon

Monogram, Helvetica Font, Wallet Inside, Top Left

Monogram, Helvetica Font, Wallet Top Right

If you have a different idea where to position the monogram please add the details on the order notes or simply email us at