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At BlackBrook Case, we're proud to offer the personalization of your newest leather product! With monogramming, or the addition of a wristlet to your case you can truly make our premium leather products yours! 



All of our monogramming is done in house at our workshop here in Florida. We utilize a custom hot stamping machine made by the Kwikprint company, a trusted All-American hot stamping machine manufacture that has been around since 1926. Each custom order is hand stamped with care and to the customer's liking by our expert craftsman. Perfect to stylize your personal case, or as a gift! Currently, monogramming is only available for select products - if monogramming is available for a product, the option will be present on the product page. Please note, the standard monogram position is in the top right corner of the case.

Laser Engraving:
Laser engraving allows for more custom design onto our leathers. With the choice to inscribe text, place a logo, or black and white image we can make your case uniquely yours! With precision, the laser will etch out the design requested onto the leather permanently. Please refrain from using any portraits, non black-and-white images, or an actual photo as the detail may not come out to satisfaction with these methods. We will contact you if the uploaded image is not feasible, or may not look up to the standards we require.