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BlackBrook Case by Burkley's Quality Genuine Full-Grain Leather Products

At BlackBrook Case by Burkley, our goal is to add extra quality and style to the long-lasting products we use every day, such as smartphones, tablets, iPods, laptops and much more. Every case and product we make is hand crafted from high quality, 100% full grain genuine leather, and done with both precision and elegance.  Founded in 2014, we are true artisans of the finest quality leather products, believing in time-honored, traditional hand craftsmanship at our core. We are dedicated to providing a standard of excellence, and understand that for our customers, this is a lifestyle and a conscious choice. That's why here at BlackBrook by Burkley, we ingrain luxury and class into everything that we do. Strong quality. Strong ambition. Strong leather. This is our foundation. 

BlackBrook Case by Burkley Leather Phone Cases

Apple iPhone Cases

Best Leather Apple iPhone Cases

At BlackBrook Case by Burkley, we have the very best quality hand crafted leather Apple iPhone cases, fitting each specific model perfectly. Add a bit of style and a touch of prestige, with this luxurious and useful accessorization for your iPhone. Our genuine leather iPhone cases add overall quality, value and durability to your smartphone. They are available in many different shades from pink to black, depending on what type of case, and for which model iPhone you have. Some of the different types of iPhone cases range from a simple leather phone cover, to a belt loop holster with a magnetic closure, to a magnetic detachable phone wallet case/cover. They are very reasonably priced, especially considering their unique and overall value.
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Samsung Phone Cases

Best Leather Samsung Galaxy Phone Cases

The Samsung Galaxy is another incredibly popular brand of smartphone, and one which we also carry these special luxury phone cases for. From the S9 to the NOTE 10+, to the S20 and even up to the NOTE 20 ULTRA, we have genuine leather, premium quality phone cases at reasonable prices. These cases are gorgeous, with impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite design. The genuine leather has a rich, supple feel and a tasteful, elegant look. The perfect accessory that adds a touch of class, and is also utilitarian by nature. BlackBrook Case by Burkley is known for our premium caliber leather products and our commitment to a standard of excellence.
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