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18 of the Top iPhone Accessories You Must Have In 2023 - BlackBrook Case

18 of the Top iPhone Accessories You Must Have In 2023

It is estimated that 97% of Americans own a cellphone, with 85% owning a smartphone. These numbers only seem to be increasing as people are relying more on their phones.

All of these statistics show that iPhones are here to stay for the long run. Those who have owned an iPhone generally stick to this option and have no interest in other phones.

That is why iPhone accessories are also in such high demand. People love to have the option of accessorizing their favorite devices for convenience.

Keep reading to find out what iPhone accessories you need to have in 2023.

1. Leather iPhone Case

iPhone cases of all kinds are popular smart accessories. Some of the best accessories for your phone are going to be a case to keep it safe when you use it.

Leather iPhone cases have especially grown in popularity over the years. They are sleek and stylish while still protecting your iPhone from any damage.

A leather iPhone case makes a great unisex option that looks high quality. iPhone cases have a tendency to look cheap and flimsy but not a leather option.

If you get your iPhone keys from a place like Blackbrook, you are getting the best quality. There are snap-on cases as well as leather folio cases to fit your iPhone needs.

These are the kinds of cases that are never going to go out of style. They are high quality and provide function as well as an eye-pleasing appearance.

2. Apple AirPods 

If you do not already have Apple AirPods, this is a smart accessory you need in 2023. These are wireless headphones that fit snuggly in your ears without the hassle of a wire.

They work with all of your devices and make it easy to make and answer phone calls. You can even hear reminders from your iPhone or respond to messages you receive.

AirPods aren’t like your typical pair of earbuds as they are designed in a different way. They allow you to hear every frequency so that anything you listen to is clearer and purer.

Your music will be more enjoyable to listen to, and you will be able to listen to speaking much more easily. There are many benefits to using Apple AirPods, and they are a must-have accessory.

3. AirPods Case

If you are going to be buying AirPods for your iPhone, you need to buy a case. Apple AirPods are small and are very easy to lose if you don’t have a way of keeping track of them.

The last thing you want to do is lose these accessories. To avoid miss placing them, you can get an Apple AirPods case to keep them safe and in one area.

Whenever you are not using them, they will be tucked away in their case. There are also many different case options that you can choose from depending on your style.

There are even very sleek and modern leather AirPods cases to choose from. These have that high-quality appearance and add style to your Apple AirPods.

You will most likely be carrying this case around with you, so that your AirPods are always handy. Because of this, it is a good idea to choose a stylish option that you will enjoy.

4. Glass Screen Protector

If you have an iPhone 14 series, you should buy a glass screen protector. No matter what kind of smartphone you have, a screen protector is a must-have accessory.

The right accessories should also serve a purpose as well as look nice. A screen protector is one of those accessories that have a very important purpose for your phone.

Glass screen protectors have especially become popular as of late. These are hard-core screen protectors that have a sleek finish and perfect transparency.

Unlike plastic screen protectors, they aren’t going to bubble and create a foggy look to your screen. They also do not negatively affect the touch response on your phone.

These protectors keep your iPhone screen safe from scratches and cracking. This is something that every iPhone owner should consider since these phones can easily be damaged.

5. Clip-On Lens

There are some iPhones that you can buy a clip-on lens when it comes to photography. This can be very useful since a lot of people rely on their iPhones to take photos.

Cameras are no longer necessary for the majority of people since iPhones can take exceptional photos. The newer types of iPhones are getting better and better at providing this.

You can also buy accessories to help you take the types of photos that you want. A lens can be clipped onto your phone so that you can get all of the scenery in the frame.

You can’t take wide-angle photos and capture all of those small details. There are different lenses that can be used to provide different effects when taking photos.

Whether you are a photographer or a hobbyist, this can be a great option. Most iPhones have all of the abilities of a camera, and clip-on lenses are a great way to take better advantage of that.

6. Selfie Stick

If you don’t already have one, a selfie stick is one of the most important iPhone accessories. This is something that is similar to a tripod, except you hold it out from you.

A selfie stick is usually adjustable so that you can adjust how far away your phone will be from you. This allows you to take photos of yourself from a distance.

Using a selfie stick also makes it easier to take photos of several people. It can be difficult to fit everyone in the frame when you are just holding out your phone with your arm.

A selfie stick helps you to widen the frame so that more can fit into the photo. Many also find this useful when capturing specific poses or creative kinds of selfies.

Even if you aren’t necessarily a selfie taker, this is a good accessory to have. It can be very useful for taking a wide variety of photos.

7. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you enjoy listening to things on your phone, you should consider investing in a Bluetooth speaker. A wireless Bluetooth speaker is very convenient and useful for listening to things.

It can make your music more enjoyable to listen to or make it easier to listen to audiobooks or podcasts. These are usually made with a simple design with an on and off button.

They connect via Bluetooth to your iPhone and are able to play whatever you choose. Depending on the type you get, the volume can often go very high as well.

When you use a Bluetooth speaker, you are able to get a much better volume than you are with your iPhone. iPhones usually do not have very good sound when used without earbuds.

There are all kinds of wireless Bluetooth speakers that you can choose from. Many are waterproof and have varying degrees of designs and volume adjustments.

Make sure you go for a high-quality speaker to avoid any cracking or sound disturbances.

8. Magnetic Charger

If you have an iPhone 14 series or another version, you should get a magnetic charger. This is an iPhone accessory that is very popular and has become easier to find.

There used to be a lot of limitations to what kind of iPhone you could use with a magnetic charger. But now, the majority of iPhones can be charged using this special accessory.

A magnetic charger is a very convenient solution for keeping your iPhone charged. You don’t even have to plug your phone into a charger, it just sits on the magnet.

This option provides wireless charging, and it can even be used for other Apple products. It is also known for providing very fast charging so that you don’t have to wait around for too long.

A magnetic charger can’t even be used to charge your AirPods. This can simplify the accessories you need while keeping your products charged and functioning.

9. Car Mount

One of the iPhone accessories that you may not have thought about is a car mount. This may not be a very exciting accessory, but it is very useful.

Anyone who uses their iPhone in the car needs to invest in a car mount. This accessory will typically clip to the front of your vehicle so that your phone can rest in it.

An accessory like this makes it easy to keep track of where your phone is when driving. It allows you to safely use GPS on your phone to find where you need to go.

Many people also use a car mount if their iPhone is connected to their car. This allows them to listen to their music and have more control over their phone.

Having a car mount is a much safer option and helps to keep your hands on the steering wheel. You have easy access to your phone without having to look down or try to find it.

10. Armband Case

One of these smart accessories that don’t get a lot of recognition is an armband case. An armband case is a great option for on-the-go storage for your phone.

This type of accessory is fabric and slips onto your upper arm. It has a pocket inside where your phone can go so that it stays safe when you are on the go.

This type of accessory is most often used by people when they are working out. You can keep your phone handy and listen to your music without the fear of dropping it.

An armband case can be a great option even if you aren’t working out. It allows you to store your phone and keep it close if you don’t have a pocket or a purse to put it in.

Keep in mind that you are going to have to pick the right size of an armband. It will need to fit your arm snuggly so that it does not fall off or your phone doesn’t fall out.

11. Tripod

A tripod has become a more and more common type of iPhone accessory. It used to be something that you didn’t see much, but now more people are buying them.

A tripod for your iPhone can come in handy if you enjoy taking photos. It provides a stable place for your iPhone to go so that you can capture the best photos.

This is also ideal for timed photos where you need to get into place. Your phone can lock into the tripod so that it stays where it needs to be and will not move or vibrate.

There are all kinds of iPhone tripods available that you can choose from. Some are very large, like a camera tripod, or smaller and easier to use for an amateur photographer.

Anyone who enjoys taking photos with their iPhone should invest in a tripod. It is a game changer and is the best way to capture the clearest photos possible.

12. iPhone Compatible Gloves

Something that just about anyone could use for their iPhone are iPhone-compatible gloves. Everyone knows the struggle of trying to use their iPhones when wearing gloves.

This is impossible to do since an iPhone won’t recognize your finger through gloves. The screen of an iPhone is very sensitive, and it won’t be able to recognize just anything.

This problem has been solved with iPhone-compatible gloves. These gloves typically have special material on the fingers that the iPhone screen will be able to sense.

These gloves allow you to continue to use your iPhone even if you are wearing gloves. When the weather is chilly, and you want to stay warm, this is a great option.

Anyone who lives in a climate with cold winters should consider a pair of these gloves. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to take off your gloves to use your phone.

13. iPhone Flash Drive

It is no secret that a lot of people have a huge amount of stuff saved on their iPhones. Most of us are guilty of this since iPhones are used to download things and store photos.

All of this data can quickly add up, and you will eventually run out of space. One very useful iPhone accessory is a flash drive that can act as a backup.

Different flash drives can hold different amounts of data so that you can save what is on your iPhone. When you do this, you are backing all of this information up so that it is saved.

If something were to ever happen to your iPhone, all of that information would be safe. This can be very useful if you have important information on your iPhone.

A flash drive is especially useful for those with a lot of downloads or photos. These are things you do not want to lose, and your iPhone only has so much storage available.

14. Portable Bluetooth Printer

Because iPhones can do so many different things, they are taking over other devices. This includes actual computers that you would usually print from.

A very useful iPhone accessory is a portable Bluetooth printer. This is a portable device that can connect to your iPhone so that you can print things.

This device is very convenient as it is small and easy to take with you on the go. It connects to your iPhone and allows you to print off photos or documents as necessary.

You may not always have access to a printer when you need one. It can also be a hassle to print from a computer or laptop when you have what you need right on your phone.

If this is a problem that you often have, a portable Bluetooth printer is a great option.

15. iPhone Screen Magnifier

A very useful type of iPhone accessory is a screen magnifier. This is something that many people may not have even heard about before, but it is very useful.

The majority of people use their iPhones to enjoy movies, TV shows, and games. This can all be difficult to do when you are looking at the small screen of an iPhone.

Even the larger sizes of iPhones have screens that are only a few inches wide. A screen of this size is not necessarily ideal when it comes to your viewing pleasure.

The good news is that now you can buy a screen magnifier that is easy to set up and connect to your phone. This is a stand with a screen that will show what is on your phone screen only larger.

It magnifies what you are watching so that you are not squinting at your phone screen. Not only is this more enjoyable, it can give your eyes a much-needed rest.

Those who enjoy playing games on their phone will find this especially useful. It is also a good option for children so that they are not squinting down at your phone screen.

16. iPhone Stand

A basic iPhone accessory that everyone needs is an iPhone stand. These come in various shapes, sizes, and heights for convenience.

Anyone who frequently uses their iPhone during the day would find a stand useful. Your iPhone can lock into place on the stand so that you can go hands-free.

This is convenient and allows you to focus on other tasks while using your phone. It also makes it more enjoyable to watch movies or TV shows hands-free.

Those who use their phone to help them do their work would also find this useful. Depending on how you use your iPhone, there are different designs that would work better.

17. iPhone Grips

Many people complain about the discomfort of holding their phones for long periods of time. The good news is that there is an accessory made to help you out with this.

You can buy phone loops or grips that attach to the back of your iPhone. Some of these are sold on their own, and some are attached to a phone case.

These grips give you a place to rest your fingers so that it is easier to hold your phone. When you have one of these grips, you will be holding onto the grip and not your phone itself.

This gives you a sturdier hold that doesn’t tax your hand as much. You won’t get hand cramps, and there will be less of a chance of you dropping your iPhone.

18. iPhone Keyboard

One of these iPhone accessories that many people could use is an iPhone keyboard. If you often find yourself typing on your iPhone, this can get old fast.

It is very difficult to type accurately on an iPhone since the buttons are so small. The touch screen is sensitive, and you may hit letters you don’t want or get auto-correct.

The best way to avoid this is to get an iPhone keyboard to help you type. This is a small keyboard that you can set your iPhone on to type like you would on a laptop.

You can type faster and with more accuracy without the hassle of touching your iPhone screen. It is ideal for those who text a lot or for those who write on their iPhones.

iPhone Accessories You Need in 2023

If you have an iPhone, you are probably wondering what iPhone accessories you should have. There are many accessory options out there, but certain ones definitely stand out.

Are you interested in getting high-quality iPhone accessories? Contact us today at Blackbrook for leather iPhone and Apple AirPods cases.

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