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3 Reasons To Invest in the Best Leather iPhone Case - BlackBrook Case

3 Reasons To Invest in the Best Leather iPhone Case

Apple reached the top again, selling more units than any other manufacturer. It overtook Vivo, a strong competitor in China.

However, iPhones are renowned for having one major flaw. They're prone to cracks and scratches and can break with only a few falls. There's one way to solve this issue, of course.

Grabbing an iPhone case is the way to go. And, many would recommend getting a leather iPhone case. Consider reading ahead to learn why!

Leather iPhone Case Benefits

Silicone, plastic, and metal cases are great. Each of these options comes with unique benefits. Silicone cases are comfortable, plastic cases are very customizable, and metal cases greatly protect phones. But, each of these lacks the benefits of the others.

However, a leather iPhone case combines the positive aspects of all three while only having a few downsides. They're stylish, durable, and comfortable, among other things.


At one point, customizing phone cases was a huge fad. Some even invested in edible iPhone cases. However, people have slowly moved on to minimal designs. Simplicity is popular now because a phone case doesn't have to be symbolic or expressive.

Subtlety is key, though. A leather phone case makes you stand out without seeming like you're trying too hard. Plus, while the color variations might seem limited, they all combine well with the current iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 models.

Leather color options include:

  • Dark red
  • Red
  • Dark blue
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Light brown
  • Black
  • Dark green
  • Dark yellow


When you set out to pick an iPhone 13 case, it's a good idea to prioritize durability. While you can opt for a metallic case, these are often uncomfortable. And, in some cases, they're not as durable as they seem.

Leather phone cases are the perfect combination of comfort and durability. In the past, leather was considered less protective than other options. With new technology, though, they can cushion high drops very well.


Picking out the best leather iPhone case means you get a comfortable option for two reasons. First, while leather is a pretty tough material, it's soft and offers an excellent grip while holding your phone. Second, there's a lot of variety in leather case models.

For example, you can get a full leather wallet case with a slot on the back where you can stick credit cards, cash, or similarly small and thin items. There are also foldable options, including a clip or a leather holster. 

Picking the Best Leather iPhone Case

Finding the best leather iPhone case is all about figuring out what you need it to have. They're all very durable and comfortable, and there's a decent variety when it comes to color options. Some iterations have slots for storing items, clips to attach to your belt, and even an easy-to-use holster.

Whatever your choice, consider sticking to leather iPhone cases. Metallic, plastic, and silicone options might seem attractive. But, they can't really keep up with the strong combination of leather case pros.

Consider taking a look at some of our best quality hand-crafted leather Apple iPhone cases. The Windsor, Barlow, and Lara lines are currently very popular!

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