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4 Stylish Works Bags That Are Perfect for Men and Women - BlackBrook Case

4 Stylish Works Bags That Are Perfect for Men and Women

Work bags can be workhorses without making you look like, well, a pack mule.

These days, a combination of sleek design, functionality and unisex usage has made shopping for the best work bags easier than ever.

As you peruse our top four stylish work bags for women and men, keep a few things in mind. What are you looking for specifically?

Do you walk/take public transit to work and therefore need more space for more stuff? Or do you drive to work and only need space for a limited number of work-pertinent items?

Each of the bags below can solve your stylish work bag conundrum. The question is: what kind is right for you? And the answer can certainly be that you need a couple of different work bags for different professional occasions.

We’ll start with the most streamlined, low-capacity work bags and make our way up in size.

Burkley Case Full Grain Leather Briefcase Satchel Bag

The Laptop Sleeve

A laptop sleeve is the bare bones of professional bags for work. This will be ideal for the man or woman that drives to work and doesn’t have a ton to lug from one place to the next.

With a perfect laptop sleeve, you’ve got your computer and charger with you at all times. Sure, there are tons of laptop sleeves for sale, but many have that college-chic neoprene finish.

A lovely leather laptop sleeve will have you looking like a boss as you go from car to office and vice versa.

The Briefcase

The iconic work briefcase is an essential item for the professional man or woman. But, the click-side, boxy briefcase of yesteryear is no longer in vogue or practical.

A soft leather satchel should have a padded laptop section among other handy pockets and dividers for all your on-the-go needs.

A bag of this sort of perfect for any kind of commuter, whether you’re walking, taking the train or driving to your office.  

The Backpack

Sure, backpacks bring us back to our school days. Conjuring images of bags filled with heavy textbooks, backpacks haven’t entirely worked their way into the professional arena. Yet.

A well-designed leather bag can scream professionalism for the pro-on-the-go. This particular bag is probably more suited toward the city-dwelling professional that’s walking or taking mass transit to work as it will balance your body more than an across-the-body strapped bag or a single shoulder satchel.

With a well-designed interior, a high-quality backpack can also be a dream in terms of organization and easy accessibility.

A tasteful backpack doubles as a fantastic commuting bag or long-distance work bag for the traveling professional. Quick overnight work trips can easily fit with your laptop and other work essential items.

The Duffel

The leather duffel isn’t for everyone, but it can be a problem-solving maverick for two kinds of working people.

Are you the kind of professional that hitting the gym every morning before work? Or every evening afterward?

A professional looking leather duffel is the perfect way to not have to pack everything into two separate bags. Being a bag-clad coworker isn’t a good look on you, We promise.

It’s also a great way to balance the two side of your life. Your personal life and professional life can all easily fit into this sleek, professional look.

Whether you’re a car commuter or otherwise, the leather duffel work bag can also be a fantastic option for when you’ve got long, overnight work trips. Whether you’re flying or not, needing to pack clothes into a briefcase isn’t exactly practical, so you make end up bring multiple bags, again.

The bag lady/bag man look isn’t exactly the most professional, which is why made this bag so spaciously elegant.

Work Bags Don’t Have to Be a Lot of Work to Find

We’ve got everything you need to find the perfect work bag. It's so simple! Plus, we’ve got everything else you might need like wallets, tablet and phone covers, accessories and leather care items.

We’re basically a one-stop shop for all your leather-bound professional needs. The next step is nailing that wardrobe to work with your work bag and then you’ll be unstoppable.

So, if you’re looking into how to best complete your power outfit as you head into work, we’ve got just the thing for you. Check out our site to see more.

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