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5 Fascinating Samsung Facts You Need to Know - BlackBrook Case

5 Fascinating Samsung Facts You Need to Know

Were you one of the lucky few who saw Samsung's Galaxy S9 LED show in 2018?

If not, then you've likely seen similar LED shows since then. You may not know that Samsung did it first, though!

If you thought Samsung only focuses on phones, then you're in for a surprise. Keep reading to learn five shocking Samsung facts you've never heard about before.

samsung galaxy case

1. Samsung Built the World's Tallest Building

The Burj Khalifa was where Samsung hosted the first LED light show. Samsung has first-hand experience with the Burj Khalifa because they built it.

That's right! Samsung constructed the tallest free-standing structure on Earth. It's over 160 stories high.

2. Samsung Did It First

The average American knows about Samsung due to its rivalry with Apple. Many consider Apple the more dominant tech giant. What they don't know, though, is that Samsung started 38 years before Apple did.

Most of what Apple's done, Samsung did first. Don't believe us? Take a look at the long list of firsts accomplished by Samsung:

  • First CDMA phone
  • First smartphone
  • North America's first VR roller coaster
  • First digital TV
  • First MP3 phone
  • First curved smartphone design
  • First 3D home theater
  • First smartwatch device

Apple watches caught the public's attention. It remains unclear why Samsung's smartwatches never took off. Despite that, Samsung still got the tech right before Apple did.

3. They Build Ships, Too!

As if buildings and smart technology weren't enough, Samsung builds ships, too. The company builds an average of 30 per year. All construction happens on a massive 400 million square foot building sector.

Samsung was the first to create an Arctic shuttle tanker. These awesome feats of technology work as both an oil tanker and an ice breaker.

The company also holds the record for taking on the world's largest container ship order too.

4. It All Started With Noodles

Do you think Samsung got built out of a love for technology? Think again.

Samsung got its start as a grocery trading company. Their hottest item was noodles.

After some success, the company started to trade in other sectors like retail. Around the 1960s, the company predicted electronics would take off. That's when they made their best move yet—they started to create electronic components.

The rest is history!

5. Samsung Makes up 15% of South Korea's GDP

Did you know that Samsung means "three stars" in Korean? If you didn't know before, then you now know that Samsung is a South Korean company. Its headquarters are in Seoul.

The success of Samsung helps the country stay afloat. In fact, it makes up about 15% of the entire country's GDP.

Samsung also built the first fighter jet (KF-16) for South Korea's Air Force.

Did You Enjoy These Samsung Facts?

We bet you didn't know these five Samsung facts before reading this article! Most people only think of the company as a rival to Apple. Very few realize how strong and versatile the Samsung company is.

Are you already a Samsung fan? Do you already own the latest Samsung Galaxy S20? If so, then be sure to browse through our beautiful leather case selection!

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