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5 Leather Desk Accessories to Add Class to Your Work Space - BlackBrook Case

5 Leather Desk Accessories to Add Class to Your Work Space

If you want to upgrade the look of your office, there's nothing that says class and taste, more than leather does. This upscale material can give you a more professional appearance and create an aesthetic that's unique from other offices. Have a space that people won't forget.

If you're stumped on what leather items to get, here are 5 leather desk accessories to add class to your workspace.

Leather Desktop Accessories


1. Business Card Holder

This is a small accessory, but a very important one. When people are sitting and talking with you at your desk, their eyes are sure to glance over your business card holder.

While most people choose plastic, you can go a step up and pick leather instead. You're sure to make a lasting impression with a leather card holder. Even your coworkers will be wowed when you show them your new accessory.

2. Mousepad

Want to go big with a leather accessory? Then this is it. A premium leather mousepad can span across a good portion of your desk, so anyone who is in the vicinity won't miss it.

With many colors to choose from, you can either have the mousepad blend in with everything or have it stand out with a bold color. It's up to you!

3. Bowl

Whether you put fake fruit or paperclips in it, a leather bowl can be a conversational piece. How often do you see a bowl made out of leather?

Your leather bowl can show anyone who comes into the office that you like items that have dual functionalities. Not only is the bowl useful for putting things in, but it also acts as interesting decor.

4. AirPods Case

Do you use your AirPods a lot? Then you'll want to replace your original case with a leather one.

This beautiful simple case is elegant and small enough to put to the side of your desk without it obstructing anything. And because it comes with a fastener, you can quickly pick up the case and attach it to your belt or bag so you can have your case while on the go.

5. Desk Organizer

If everything's always scattered about and you're constantly wasting time trying to find something, consider getting a leather desk organizer. This small accessory packs a real punch with its many compartments.

There's space to store your phone and charge it, keep all your gizmos and gadgets in one compartment, and whatever else you wish in the remaining space. Not only will the desk organizer make you look more professional, but you also won't be scrambling for items while you're with a client.

Upgrade Your Desk with These Leather Desk Accessories

By adding a few leather desk accessories, your office will look immaculate. For any client that walks in, they'll immediately be impressed with how well put together everything is. Pair all those accessories with a leather suitcase, and you're good to go.

If you'd like to browse leather accessories, then take a look at our selection now.

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