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5 Real Reasons to Upgrade to the Apple iPhone XR Right Now - BlackBrook Case

5 Real Reasons to Upgrade to the Apple iPhone XR Right Now

Why All Your Friends Will Buy the Apple iPhone XR

Apple brought out three new phones. Out of those, the Apple iPhone XR will be the game changer. Here's five reasons to make it your next upgrade.

Apple has dominated the smartphone market since it launched the first iPhone back in 2007. In the last quarter of 2018, 46.89 million handsets have been sold around the world, following the launch of the 2018 models. But of the three new Apple iPhone models released this year, we expect the iPhone XR to be the game changer. Read on to find out why.

Which Apple iPhone?

The iPhone XR has been designed to look almost exactly like the Apple iPhone X. Close observers can tell the difference; the XR is thicker, but you'd have to be looking closely to know which phone someone was holding.

If you're the sort of person who prides themselves on having the latest kit, but you can't quite stretch to the new XS, then the XR is the next best thing.

A Great Screen

One area where iPhone reviews have praised the X and XS are in their new, high definition OLED screens. Now, the XR doesn't have this screen, which is why the price point is lower, however, don't think that you're getting second best when you choose the XR.

Although the colors might not be quite so crisp on your XR, the LCD screen is still a step up from that used in the iPhone 7, for example. The resolution is greater than the human eye is able to detect, so it looks as smooth as its more expensive counterpart.

Battery Life

If you compare iPhone 8 Plus to iPhone X, the X suffered in one area: battery life. Its the price you pay for the new features. The XR, however, has an impressive 7-8 hours of use time. A whole day at work without needing to charge? Brilliant.

Super Fast

One thing which is the same between XS and XR is the use of the A12 Bionic Chip. It makes the performance of the iPhone X startlingly fast, with super smooth animations. In fact, in some tests, the XR has even out-performed the XS.


The XR is the first iPhone since the 5C to be available in a wider range of colors. This will attract people who want to express their personality, in the same way that the 5C did.

This has led some to speculate that XR users will be reluctant to use a case, and in fact, Apple isn't making their own case for the XR. Anyone who has seen a glass iPhone shell shatter will still be looking for a way to keep their phone secure.

Great Reviews

The average iPhone XR review says one thing; if the XR wasn't competing against the XS, it would be the hottest thing in phones for a long time. For the price point, the XR offers great performance - this should in no way be considered a 'cheap' alternative. It stands on its own as being a great new iPhone.

Whichever Apple iPhone you choose, you'll want to make the right choice when it comes to choosing a case. We make high-quality leather cases for all models, guaranteed to make your iPhone look a million dollars

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