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7 Samsung Galaxy S10 Accessories That You Need to Know About - BlackBrook Case

7 Samsung Galaxy S10 Accessories That You Need to Know About

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the most powerful mobile devices right now. The Korean company’s flagship mobile is beating its competitors and it’s not even close.

When it comes to three crucial mobile phone tech, the S10 is even better than the iPhone XS Max. If you want to have the best, you also need the best accessories with it.

There’s a bevy of Samsung Galaxy S10 accessories in the market right now. You deserve only the best.

In this list, we give you the 7 best Samsung accessories you can use with your S10. These are not only functional – but they also fit your luxurious lifestyle.

Take a look.

leather samsung cases

1. Leather Fast Wireless Charger Base

One great innovation of the past couple of years is the wireless charging. Among many Samsung Galaxy S10 accessories, you’d want a luxurious leather wireless charger base. The Burkley wireless charger base takes care of that.

The Burkley wireless charger base takes advantage of its high-end genuine leather. The wireless charger uses the latest Qi charging technology. You get a fast, wireless charging every time.

2. Carson Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case 

Some of the best Samsung S10 accessories are the ones that give you extra functionality. Cases like the Carson Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case does all that.

Among S10 accessories, this magnetic wallet case gives you easy access to your money and plastics. It still keeps a slim profile so you get a timeless leather gift you can get for anyone.

3. Leather Cable / Earphone Organizer

If there’s anything about Samsung Galaxy accessories, you also need to consider your earphones. Samsung did a good job keeping its 3.5 mm jack port alive. This lets you take care of your wired earphones.

The Burkley earphone and leather cable organizer keeps your cables and earphones organized. No more fiddling around with tangles. All you need is this luxurious organizer.

4. York 360 Degree Leather Snap On Case

For those who want a soft but solid protection for their Galaxy S10, a fantastic snap on case is what you need. The York 360 Degree Leather Snap On Case provides this protection.

The York 360 is ultra-thin but resilient. With its polycarbonate backbone and interior suede finish, you get to keep it easy. No frills leather protection all over.

5. Barlow Full Leather Snap-on Back Cover Case

The Barlow Full Leather Snap-On Back Cover Case is one of the best Samsung accessories out there. It offers a lightweight frame without sacrificing safety and stability.

What makes the Barlow Full-Leather Snap-On different is the raised lip. It prevents your phone from touching surfaces, so you get to keep your phone hygienic. The slim back cover also adds very little bulk.

6. Travel Pouch & Wallet Case for Universal Plus Models

For those looking into an easier way to carry all their small stuff, we have the solution. the Burkley travel pouch and wallet case answers the problem for all your needs.

Carry your S10 smartphone with your cards, your case, and other accessories in one case. Put all your money, checks and other belongings in one sturdy, easy-carry leather pouch.

7. Belton 3-in-1 Snap-on Back Cover

For those who love a luxurious snap-on case with extra security, this is a great choice. The Belton 3-in-1 Snap-on Back Cover is a favorite among S10 accessories for its extra versatility.

The Belton 3-in-1 features a wristlet metal clasp and a card slot for credit and business cards. The premium, full-grain leather is luxurious as well. 

Luxury Samsung Galaxy S10 Accessories For You

If you want the best Samsung Galaxy S10 accessories, you need luxury and function. Make sure they’re not only beautiful but functional as well.

For those who want the best leather accessories befitting their lifestyle, you can’t go for plastic. You need that gorgeous leather. You need Burkley products.

From Samsung S10 accessories to leather for your laptops, we got it here. Enjoy the lap of luxury today. Talk to us today

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