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A Brief Case for Why You Should Carry a Briefcase - BlackBrook Case

A Brief Case for Why You Should Carry a Briefcase

Did you know that in the briefcase business, the United States generates the most revenue? In 2019, the revenue for the suitcase and briefcase segment amounts to $5,634 million. If you thought that carrying a briefcase was coming out of fashion, you’re wrong.

There are many benefits to carrying a briefcase. Below, we’ve listed them down for you. Read on for the reasons why you should carry a briefcase to work.

leather briefcase

1. Carry a Briefcase for Fewer Wrinkles

Any well-pressed dress shirt can get ruined when you go to work with a backpack or messenger bag. Suits and dress shirts were not made to work with bags you wear on you. The shifting straps against the fabric can cause wear and tear on your suits too.

So, the best solution is to start carrying a briefcase.

You don’t place a briefcase anywhere on or around your torso as you walk. This results in much fewer wrinkles and less damage to your work clothes. Of course, don’t forget to give your briefcase proper cleaning and care as well.

2. Look Professional 

You know the saying about how first impressions last. Having a briefcase with you leaves a good impression that you know what you’re doing and you’re ready for any task. They’re especially great first impressions for a first day on the job. 

Carrying a briefcase to work will show people that you mean serious business. You can match your briefcase with a leather tablet case to drive the point further. The point is that a stylish briefcase can change how your colleagues and bosses approach you.

leather briefcase

3. Carrying a Briefcase Is Practical

What bag is the best place to put your laptop and paperwork in and still make you look good? The answer is a tasteful briefcase. Briefcases are not only convenient bags but also the practical choice for many employees.

A briefcase has enough space and compartments for your daily work items. It’s designed so that it can stand on its own. You can wear it with a strap or carry it in your hand.

4. Leather Briefcases Are Durable

If you choose to get a leather briefcase, you have made a good choice. Quality leather briefcases are durable and can last for years. If you care for it well enough, you can even hand it down to your child someday.

While the leather goods industry in the US declined by -0.3% in the last 5 years, the number of businesses grew by 1.4%. That doesn’t mean you can’t get any more quality leather briefcases. There is a variety of briefcase designs and materials to choose from.

Walk Like a Grownup

A briefcase offers good functionality and aesthetic quality. You can carry a briefcase with you to any space and still look professional. With the right bag, you’d have enough pockets even for a short business trip.

We hope this article was helpful and informative for you. If you want more content like this, feel free to give our blog a visit. For questions on leather care or other topics, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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