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Apple Watch Ultra: Everything we know and our bands to embellish them

Apple Watch Ultra: Everything we know and our bands to embellish them

The newest Apple Watch is called Apple Watch Ultra and available right now. This is a high-end version of the Apple Watch that's been in development for years. Designed to compete with more expensive fitness-focused smart watches from companies like Garmin, the Apple Watch Ultra is aimed at sports enthusiasts and athletes that need more battery life and more sport-specific performance from of their devices.

It is the largest Apple Watch to date at 49mm, which is 4mm larger than the 45mm Apple Watch Series 8 that it's being sold alongside. Made from aerospace-grade titanium body, flat sapphire crystal face, a larger diameter and deeper grooved Digital Crown, a housing for the side button and an extra physical button on the left side called the Action button.

The Action button is designed in international orange to make it noticeable in the dark and under water, and it's customizable so it can activate Workouts, mark segments, set Compass Waypoints, and more.

Titanium Casing

●49mm Case

36-hour Battery Estimate (60 hours on Low Power)

●Precision Dual-Frequency GPS

●100m Water Resistant; Recreational Diving to 40m and EN13319 certified

●Always-On Display

●Standard Apple Health features like HR tracking, ECG readings, Blood Oxygen levels, and more

●86-Decibel Siren

●Emergency SOS

In addition to all these Apple Watch Ultra will work with all of our current bands. Check out how they look and feel on your wrist in the video below:




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