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Audiophile Style: How to Protect Your Airpods Case - BlackBrook Case

Audiophile Style: How to Protect Your Airpods Case

Apple AirPods are premium headphones that are easy to travel with and less bulky than traditional headphones, but you'll need to make a hefty investment to purchase AirPods for yourself. So how do you ensure your AirPods will last through every work trip, adventure, and activity?

Well, don't be fooled by the generic white AirPods case that Apple gives you when you purchase your AirPods. The case will succumb to eventual scratches, scuffs, and marks that come with taking your AirPods everywhere you go.

BlackBrook has the quality leather AirPods cases you need to keep your technology safe. Keep reading for our tips on how to keep your AirPods case protected in style. 

Cleaning Your Apple AirPods Case

If you're going to keep your AirPods case from Apple, you're going to have to steer clear of any abrasive cleaning materials. You can use a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe down the case. A bit of isopropyl alcohol to dampen the cloth is safe to use too, but avoid getting any liquid in the charging ports of the case to prevent damage.

The same goes for cleaning the actual AirPods themselves. Using a dry, lint-free cloth is best, and stay away from water. If you have to remove a stain, using a slightly wet cloth is okay, but make sure the AirPods are completely dry before putting them back in the charging case.

Now isn't all this AirPods care a hassle? With a detachable leather AirPods case, you can protect your case so there's no need to wipe down the case after every suitcase and bag it's been in.

Charging Your AirPods Case

Your AirPods battery takes on a lot to keep the AirPods running throughout the day. Even the battery in the AirPods case has a finite lifespan. To keep your case long-lasting, try to plug the case into a wired charger every chance you get.

Wireless charging can take a toll on your battery's lifespan and is not as effective. Reduce heat stress on your battery to avoid damage by plugging your AirPods case in when you can.

Keep Your AirPods Case Safe and Stylish

So you know how to effectively clean and charge your AirPods case, but what about keeping it safe on the go and standing out from the crowd? Consider a leather AirPods case to bring unique sophistication and safety to your technology.

From detachable cases that mold around the traditional AirPods case to AirPods cases with fastenersthat easily attach to a belt or bag, BlackBrook has it all. All of our cases ensure easy access to the charging port and are made from high-quality leather. 

Leather AirPods Cases from BlackBrook

BlackBrook Case has all the leather accessories for any audiophile looking to up their accessory game. We at BlackBrook love to create quality, stylish products for everyday use that keep our technology long-lasting.

We design leather cases for every generation of AirPods. For traditional leather artisan craftsmanship, check out our options for your next leather AirPods case. 

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