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Best Occasions to Wear Leather Loafers - BlackBrook Case

Best Occasions to Wear Leather Loafers

So you have a pair of leather loafers, but when is it appropriate to wear them? Let’s go over a few fashion do’s and don’ts for leather loafer shoes.

You may already know from experience that leather loafers are easy to put on and comfortable to wear for hours. While you may want to wear these shoes every day, you need to consider the fashion statement they make.

First off, leather loafers come in a few different styles. There are men’s dress loafers that sometimes feature buckles. On the other hand, you can choose men’s casual loafers with a low heel. Additionally, we offer two color options: black leather loafers and brown leather loafers.

So when is it appropriate to wear each of these shoe styles? Here are a few common scenarios.

Leather Slip Ons and Loafers

Can I wear leather loafers to a formal occasion?

Most times, yes. Whether you are headed to the office, church hall, or date night, classic leather loafers pair well with semi-formal clothing. However, if you are wearing a suit, upgrade to fancier shoes such as leather penny loafers or Gucci loafers.

Classic black leather loafers especially look good with a collared dress shirt and tie, or even a blazer. Brown leather loafers will match grey, navy, and black dress pants. Just be sure to have a matching belt and shoes, such as our collection of leather belts here.

Are leather loafers casual?

Yes, you can turn around and wear your same men’s dress loafers for casual outings. Note that slip-on low heel loafers and brown loafers look the least formal.

Wear leather loafers with jeans on Casual Fridays, or sport leather loafers with shorts for a backyard barbecue party. However, depending on the activity you may opt for more flexible casual footwear like boat shoes or moccasins.

Another way to dress down is by wearing leather loafers without socks. When you have bare feet in leather loafers without socks, the genuine leather material lets your feet breathe.

Best Leather Loafer

What kind of weather is good for leather loafers?

Sometimes the best way to choose your shoes for the day is based on the weather forecast.

While rain will not entirely ruin your leather loafers, the best practice is to avoid mixing water and leather. Protect your loafers in advance with our waterproof leather conditioning cream. If your leather loafers get wet, pat them dry and then rest until fully dry with wadded newspaper stuffed inside.

When it comes to snow and ice, our leather loafers feature slip-resistant rubber tread. However, the better solution is to wear winter boots while outside, then transition to your leather loafers inside your destination.

Sunny days are best for loafer shoes, and will really make the leather shine. And again, you can wear leather loafers with shorts and without socks on particularly hot days.

Now you know, there are many good occasions to wear leather loafers, both dressy and casual. From black loafer shoes to leather loafers with jeans, the possibilities are versatile. Invest in a pair of brown or black loafer shoes and you will not be disappointed!

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