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Burkley Holiday Gift Guide 2018! - BlackBrook Case

Burkley Holiday Gift Guide 2018!

Welcome to the Burkley Holiday Gift Guide - 2018!

Everyone knows this time of year can be one of the more stressful moments as the holidays approach, but not every decision has to be so difficult! Here at Burkley Case, we have something for him, her, the office, the traveler, and something for everyone. This guide is to help narrow down the tough decisions and make your life a bit easier!

For him:

Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case - $69.00

Whether he's in the office all day, or out and about, our leather cases showcase the finer sides of life. With plenty of space for your cards and cash, this case is both stylish and useful.  Over time, this case will develop its own patina, creating an aura that is unique to you. Made only from the highest end, top-grain leather, this case will withstand the test of time. Designed to keep your valuables and phone safe, secure, and stylish, this case is the perfect gift for him this holiday season!

Minimalist Card Holder Wallet with RFID Protection - $49.00

The perfect wallet for the minimalist in him. Sleek, compact, and full of storage space, this RFID protected wallet is not only safe and secure, but useful as well. Designed to protect your valuables, this wallet will block RFID readers from scanning your credit cards, debit cards, smart cards and anything with RFID. The leather burnished elastic band keeps all your valuables strictly where you want them, at all times.


For Her:

Bi Fold Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case - $79.00

The Bi Fold Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case is perfect for those who always have waaaay too many cards on hand at all times! Everyone knows at least one person who is fumbling around looking for the exact card they need when it comes time to use it! Keep all of your cards, cash and phone in one beautiful place. Hand-made and as high of quality as it gets, get your loved one something truly special this holiday season.

Padded Leather Band for Apple Watch - $69.00

For the Apple Watch user, there may be no better gift than a beautiful new leather band. We all know that the Apple Watch is one of the more stylish smart watches on the market, why wouldn't you want the band to match? Personalize your tech with vibrant colors that stand out among any crowd. Made to fit both the 38mm / 40mm, and series 1,2,3, and 4, it's an easy decision to make!


For The Office


Leather Business Briefcase with Felt Interior - $299.00


For the office addict, here's something to have them walking inside with a statement. Our Leather Business Briefcase with Felt Interior is a high-end leather briefcase which will make sure everyone who sees it know you mean business. This classic take on the briefcase is as luxurious as it is versatile. Featuring 2 slim pockets inside for your phone or wallet, special places for your pens/pencils or Apple Pencil, 2 protective sleeves for a tablet or laptop (up to 13") there is tons of room for everything you need! The interior is designed with a computer pocket and mobile phone pocket to maximize space, efficiency all while keeping your valuables secure.

Leather Fast Wireless Charger Base - $29.00

The Leather Fast Wireless Charger Base is the perfect office space accessory. Nowadays, most phones support wireless charging, which is easily the most convenient form of charging. No more scrambling for wires or plugging and unplugging. Everyone is busy during the day, and your phone is now one of the most crucial things you carry around. The Leather Fast Wireless Charger Base allows you to simply place your phone down, and it will automatically start charging. The ease of access could not be better, and will really accentuate your office efficiency and utility!


For The Traveler:


Duffel Bag / Weekender Large Size - $396.00

There's always that one friend who is always on the go. Someone who is either constantly on the move, or is always packing! Whether it's for business, or leisure, our Duffel / Weekender Bag is the ideal solution. This bag is extremely spacious, allowing you to fit all your needs whether it's a day trip, or a long trip. Also coming in Mink and Tan leather, this bag suits anyones traveling needs.

Passport Holder - $59.00

Everyone knows going through the airport can be a hassle. That hassle is certainly magnified when making an international flight. Our Passport Holders are perfect for this exact scenario. Carry all of the cards, cash, passport, and even a little SD card slot for changing up your cellular devices! 

All these items and so much more are available on our site today! Using code: Holidays18 will net you 30% off any items in store that aren't already discounted until 12/31!

Be sure to be the favorite gift giver in your close knit circle with these one-of-a-kind gifts!

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