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Canvas vs Leather Bags: 6 Reasons Why Leather Wins Every Time - BlackBrook Case

Canvas vs Leather Bags: 6 Reasons Why Leather Wins Every Time

The latest bag battle has been a canvas vs leather ordeal.

Canvas bags or leather bags? How can one choose? 

Well, it's actually an easy choice: leather of course! But what makes leather so great? 

Here are six reasons leather should beat canvas in the battle of the bags. Let's dive in. 

1. Canvas is Too Casual

Canvas tote bags are all the rage, but you never see them making headlines. They have fun designs based on the brands and artists that are selling them, but celebrities and professionals don't carry canvas totes into work or on the red carpet. 

Chances are, your girlfriend/sister/mom already has a million canvas totes lying around!

2. Leather is Durable

Leather is a durable and reliable material for carrying your goods. Canvas tends to be thin and flimsy, with seams that easily pop or become unraveled. 

Leather is worked and formed with a technique that holds it together for a much longer period of time. 

3. Bang for Your Buck 

One of the "cons" to leather is that it's more expensive. Most of this is attributed because of how leather is made and acquired. 

However, not only is affordable leather out there but most of the time the price reflects the quality that you're paying for. If you're willing to spend a few extra bucks on that leather purse, chances are you'll have it for a few extra years as well. 

4. Long-lasting Leather

Another big perk to leather is that it lasts a long time in general. This is in large part thanks to the careful craft of making products with leather from journals to shoes to bags. 

5. Variety of Leather Bags

Another big perk to leather bags is the variety of bag styles out there. And not only are there many different types of leather bags, but there are also different types of leather you can choose from. 

You can select which style of bag and which type of leather is best for you or for the person you're shopping for.

6. Vegan/Plant-Based Leather Options

Finally, a big reason people don't buy leather is for lifestyle reasons. Leather is an animal product, so many vegans won't buy leather products.

However, there are many vegan leather alternatives out there. What's more, is that many vegan leather products are affordable and just as stylish as the real thing. 

Canvas vs Leather? There's a Sure Winner

And just like that, you'll never have to doubt about the winner of the canvas vs leather bag battle again! Plus, you know that the perfect leather gift is out there waiting for you to pick it out. 

So what are you waiting for? 

With Blackbrook, there is a never-ending selection of leather gifts that would be perfect for any friend or family member. From wallets to watch band straps, we've got everything you could possibly think of when it comes to leather accessories

Check us out today and place an order. We're the best place for you to get any leather gift for your loved ones!

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