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Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 12 Flip - BlackBrook Case

Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 12 Flip

One of the qualities that separates Apple from other companies is that they don’t like cutting corners. When they do something, they have the consumer in mind 100% of the way and it shows in their end product. All in all, they preach quality before quantity.

Although foldable phones are creating a lot of buzz in the tech world today, Apple has yet to release their own version of one. There are a lot of rumors about an iPhone 12 Flip in development, but nothing is confirmed and Apple is taking their sweet time with a design.

That’s to be expected, though. Foldable phones are still a new idea in the smartphone community and the technology behind it isn’t as good as it can be -- or will be. Since Apple preaches quality over everything, it’s no surprise they’re waiting for technology to catch up.

What Do We Know About the iPhone 12 Flip

While Apple hasn’t released anything, that doesn’t mean they aren’t hard at work on the subject. In fact, they’re heavily invested in the idea of one day releasing an iPhone Flip and it’s something they’re continuously working to build. The real question is, “Where is Apple currently at with their foldable phone concept?”

Currently, Apple is sending several different designs and possible future iPhone Flip displays to their manufacturer, Foxconn, in Taiwan. These tests are extremely important to Apple’s process and ultimately act as the deciding factor behind which design Apple chooses. 

The main issue they’re trying to figure out is how the phone flips. Since phones are used frequently throughout the day, durability is everything. Much like a laptop’s hinges suffer from normal wear and tear with extended use, a phone’s hinges do the same. In fact, phone hinges must be more durable since they’re utilized more often.

Of all the tests Apple must complete before deciding on a new iPhone design, there’s one test they’re heavily focused on right now and they won’t move forward until a design passes it. The goal of the test is to open the phone 100,000 times without any issues. Laptops go through a similar test, but those tests usually stop at around 30,000.

What Might Apple’s Foldable Phone Look Like? 

One of the major decisions Apple is trying to make right now is between utilizing an OLED or Mini LED display. The former is what the tech giant used throughout their iPhone 12 lineup -- which includes the iPhone 12iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max

The latter, however, is what many people view as the ‘next generation display’ for smartphones. It’s what Apple wants to utilize in their upcoming iPad and MacBook lineups, and it’s what they are hoping to start utilizing with their smartphones in the future. Much like everything else, they won’t make the move until they’re certain it’ll work. 

Outside of that, we’ve seen a wide range of unofficial design concepts sent from users not affiliated with Apple. The truth is there are a variety of ways Apple can build their new iPhone of the future. One concept includes taking the original iPhone 12 design and having it flip horizontally. The other includes folding it vertically, much like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

Whichever design Apple decides to go with, consumers can rest easy knowing they’ll choose the one that provides them with the best quality. Considering how unsuccessful Samsung has been with their quest in the foldable phone niche, it’s even more crucial that Apple hits a home run with their own quest. 

When Can We Expect an iPhone Flip on the Shelves?

Although most Apple supporters were hoping for a foldable phone with the newest iPhone 12 models, that ship has sailed and it’s highly unlikely we see anything in the near future. Considering they’re still testing the displays for the phone concept, they’re nowhere near ready to release an official foldable model. 

With that said, many experts believe an iPhone Flip isn’t likely until 2022, which would be the year of the iPhone 14. That’s not to say they can’t get something done by September 2021 for the iPhone 13 lineup, but it’s certainly unlikely at this point. 

That might be discouraging for many iPhone users, but their recent iPhone 12 lineup is as good as any in the smartphone community. There are four different iPhone 12 models -- iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. They feature a 5.4”, 6.1”, 6.1”, and 6.7” screen size, respectively. 

The front and rear camera systems are better than ever, they support 5G connectivity, and are thinner than previous models. There’s a lot to like about Apple’s most recent lineup and even if we don’t get a flipable phone in the iPhone 13 lineup, iPhone users will still have a lot to look forward to. 

Will Your Current Phone Last That Long?

iPhone supporters must wait before they can purchase an iPhone Flip, which is less-than-ideal for anyone looking for a new phone right now. If you’re not interested in purchasing one of the newer iPhone 12 models and would rather wait for a foldable smartphone, it’s essential your current phone lasts long enough to make that happen. 

That’s where we come in! At Burkley Case, we provide a wide range of leather iphone cases -- including both Apple products and Samsung models. Made of full-grain leather, our cases are designed and manufactured with love and passion. 

Whether you’re someone who enjoys a nice leather wallet phone case or someone that likes to clip their smartphone to their backpack, our leather phone cases are built with everyone in mind. And much like we’ve proven with new phones in the past, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll have a leather iPhone 12 Flip case whenever the phone arrives. Check out all of our leather iphone cases.

With so much to look forward to, the main thing right now is keeping your current phone healthy. Our cases do just that, while adding a sense of fashionability to your phone’s design. The best of both worlds awaits, so shop your favorite leather cases today at Burkley Case!
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