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Expert Tips on How to Clean Leather Bags (the Right Way!) - BlackBrook Case

Expert Tips on How to Clean Leather Bags (the Right Way!)

Cleaning your leather bag isn't too different from cleaning your leather shoes. If you already have a handle on how to clean leather shoes, then you're already one step closer to cleaning your leather bag correctly. 

Leather is a beautiful and luxurious material, but it requires extra care. You can't simply wipe your leather belongings down with a wet cloth and call it a day. You must know some of the best leather bag cleaning tips to ensure your bags come out clean and not ruined. 

Continue reading the guide below to find out more!

Spot Test First

The best way to clean leather bags is to spot test a small area first. You should take this step when using a new leather bag cleaner or when cleaning a specific bag for the first time. A spot test will help you determine if the cleaner works well and will give you some cleaning practice before you tackle the entire bag. 

Remember to be gentle and if your spot test reveals no issues, then you can continue the same cleaning process on the rest of the bag. 

Choose the Best Cleaner

The right leather bag cleaner will have your bag feeling and smelling as if it just came off the shelf! The wrong cleaner can have the opposite effect and cause damage to your bag. Make sure you use a quality leather conditioner and cleaner on your bag just as you would on your leather shoes. 

Some cleaners can cause the leather to suffocate, which then leads to faded and dried-out leather. 

Clean With a Soft Cloth

Aside from the cleaner you use, you also want to ensure you're using a clean, soft cloth when cleaning your bag. Never use paper towels or cloths rough to the touch. Microfiber cloths are a great option as they're soft and won't cause any damages to your bag as you wipe them clean. 

If you have any dry stains on your bag, then it may be a good idea to have the bag professionally cleaned to remove these stains.

Care for Metal Pieces as Well

Most leather bags will have some sort of metal pieces on them as well. This might be a snap, a buckle, or something else. Don't forget to care for the metal pieces.

A simple way to make those metal pieces shine is to gently wipe them down with a Magic Eraser. This produces little mess and requires little work. 

When You Know How to Clean Leather Shoes You're on the Right Path

Knowing how to clean leather shoes is the right first step towards learning how to clean a leather bag. Use these tips listed above to then guide you throughout the cleaning process. Remember to always be gentle and take great care when cleaning your leather bag or shoes.

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