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Go Leather or Go Home: Top 5 Benefits of Leather

1. Durability

Tough is leather's middle name, it's one of the most durable materials out there. If you’ve ever owned anything leather (you probably still have it) you know how gracefully it ages. Everything leather endures becomes a part of the allure and charm of the item, making it one of the few things people don’t mind getting roughed up. Even though high quality leathers are a little more expensive, it’s a worthwhile investment since you can be sure it will last you for years. Despite leather’s toughness, it still feels soft to the touch, making it the perfect armor for your electronic devices.

Burkley MacBook Air Cover

2. Style

Leather never goes out of style! From the classic leather jacket to those leather boots that seem to go with everything, leather has proved that it’s not just a fade it’s an American Staple. Leather also has that rare ability to easily transition from the office setting to the party scene, so when you have a leather product people perceive you as being versatile. Rocking a leather accessory like a watch band or phone case also exudes a timeless class.

Burkley Bag


3. Eco-Friendly

Rather than materials such as plastic that will be sitting in a landfill long after we’re gone, leather is bio-degradable. Leather is 100% natural, which means that the carbon footprint produced in making it is nominal. Leather is rarely chemically treated and even in the few instances when it is, it still only uses a fraction of the amount of energy and chemicals it takes to create synthetic items. Fashion, as we know is infamous for many of its wasteful practices however; owning leather is an environmentally friendly as well as trendy alternative!

Snap-On Burkley IPhone Case

4. Easy To Clean

Being that leather is such a breathable material it makes maintenance a piece of cake. All you need to clean it is a damp cloth, just wipe the surface and you’re good to go! Clean up is time efficient since it dries really quickly after being washed. Leather is also fungus, dust and lint resistant so you don’t even need to worry about fighting against such things, making it very practical.

Burkley Watch Band

5. Smell

Nothing beats the smell of natural leather, absolutely nothing! There is something so unique and satisfying about that first whiff that leaves you wanting more. It’s the scent of nature, comfort and handcrafted luxury. The smell is definitely one of the best parts of a leather accessory. Not sure what genuine leather smells like? Order your Burkley Case product today and find out!

Handcrafting of Burkley Products

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