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How to Choose the Best Leather Phone Case - BlackBrook Case

How to Choose the Best Leather Phone Case

Phones today are one of the most expensive investments that you’ll carry around with you everywhere you go. I mean, to be honest, can you name a place that you go without your phone on your person? To most of us, our phone is our lifeline and we rely on it for virtually everything. 

With most smartphone devices costing upwards of $1,000 dollars, if not more, ensuring your phone has the best protection is vital to keeping it around for long-term use. Whether it’s in your hand, in your pocket, or on the table, a smartphone case is almost mandatory at this point.

So, why trust a leather phone case?

A leather case for your smartphone is one of the smartest investments you’ll make. They come with a wide range of benefits and are an easy way of letting your phone know that you care about its well-being. You can’t go wrong with a leather phone case and we’re going to explain why. 

For starters, there’s nothing quite like leather from a fashion or style standpoint. The natural patina that evolves throughout the life of the product is unlike any other material. You can’t argue the fact that leather items come with a timeless, classic, enduring, and voguish design. 

In addition to the look of leather, it provides a reliable layer of protection around your device -- which is ultimately why you’re looking for a smartphone case. It reduces the risk of scratches on the back and side, while also reducing the risk of breaking the device if you were to drop it. 

Of course, there’s one issue many people face when investing in a leather phone case -- the wide amount of options available. Narrowing down your options to a final choice is extremely difficult, but we’re going to break down everything you need to know before your purchase!

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What Type of Phone Do You Have?

When shopping for a new leather phone case, the first thing you need to do is make sure you know what type of phone you’re working with. Since leather cases aren’t one-size-fits-all, it’s very important that your case is specifically designed to fit over your exact smartphone device. 

For example, at Black Brook Case, we design leather smartphone cases for the following devices:

  • Apple iPhone - we have leather iPhone cases designed for the iPhone 11 lineup, iPhone 12 lineup, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS lineup. We also cater to iPhones 7 and 8.
  • Samsung Galaxy - we have leather Samsung cases designed for the Galaxy S9 lineup, Galaxy S10 lineup, Galaxy S20 lineup, Galaxy S21 lineup, and the entire NOTE lineup.
  • Google Pixel - due to the rising popularity of the Google Pixel lineup, we also offer leather Google Pixel phone cases for the model 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL devices. 

Once you confirm the type of phone you’re looking for -- which is especially important if you’re buying it as a gift -- you can start to roll through the various options available for that specific device. This is where things get exciting because there are so many unique cases out there!

Background, Leather, Brown, Close Up, Design, FashionWhat Type of Leather Phone Case Do You Want?

You’d be surprised by how many different types of leather phone cases are available today. They each come with their own unique benefits and functionalities, meaning there’s a phone case designed for everyone. Whether you want something simple or sophisticated, it’s out there!

Here are some of the most popular types of leather phone cases available at Black Brook Case:

  • Snap-On Case - for the simple, minimalist individual. These cases snap onto the back of your device and some even double as card cases. 
  • Detachable Wallet Case - essentially two cases in one. The first case is a snap-on case, but there’s also a wallet case that it attaches to via a magnet for added functionality.
  • Bi-Fold Detachable Wallet Case - a step above your typical leather wallet case. The wallet portion is bi-fold, which means you can hold more cards and small items.
  • Belt Loop Holster Case - another minimalist design, but built for those that don’t keep their phone in their pocket. Instead, this case attaches to your belt. 

As you can see, some leather cases are built for simplicity, while others allow for added storage. In fact, most people that prefer leather wallets end up deciding to use their leather wallet case instead -- that way, they can kill two birds with the same stone, which is genius!

Handytasche, Purse, Case, White, Mobile PhoneWhat Features Do You Need or Want?

Now that you understand the type of leather phone case you’re searching for, you can start to narrow down your choices even further. First, you need to choose a color that speaks volumes to you. With leather, you can choose from red, blue, brown, black, white, pink, and much more.

Here are some of the features available at Black Brook Case:

  • Keychain - allows you to attach your phone case to your leather bag or attach your keys to it.
  • Wireless Charging - with the rise of wireless charging for phones today, you want to make sure your leather case is compatible.
  • Back Padding - not all of our leather cases come with a back padding for additional comfort and protection.
  • Card Slots - some slots are designed for credit cards and business cards, while others are transparent for your ID card.
  • Cash Pockets - in addition to acting as storage for your cards, our leather wallet cases come with cash pockets.
  • Personalization - most of our leather phone cases can be personalized with laser engraving or monogramming.
  • Tempered Glass - in addition to a leather phone case, we offer tempered glass screen protectors for added protection.

If you’re searching for the best experience with your new phone -- as well as easy access to all your cards and cash -- Black Brook Case has you covered. Our smartphone cases are made out of premium full-grain leather and are handmade with high-quality, reliable craftsmanship.

Our goal is to provide our customers with an ever-growing selection of the best leather phone cases available on the market. We’re always thinking of new ideas and searching for new ways of exceeding your expectations. Feel free to shop our wide selection on our online store today!

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