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How to Clean an Apple Leather Case - BlackBrook Case

How to Clean an Apple Leather Case

Keeping your Apple device clean is as frustrating as it is important. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons you purchased an Apple leather case -- to protect it, keep it clean, and give it a little makeover without changing the actual device. 

When using premium full-grain leather, like Burkley Cases, it’s totally normal for your case to experience aging, wrinkles, discoloration, and wear over time (also called patina). To most leather enthusiasts, the patina that forms over time is part of what gives leather its charm. 

Unfortunately for others, a more uniform and ‘new’ look is desired long-term. While high-quality leather is bound to age eventually, much like human skin, there are ways to help prevent it, repair it, and keep it looking its best for as long as possible. 

Since your Apple leather case comes into contact with a lot of different materials on a daily basis, there are a variety of things that can go wrong when owning an Apple leather case. Scratches happen often, stains, water damage, and even tears or rips need to be prepared for.

We’ll get into how to maintain your Apple leather case in those situations below, but first let’s take a quick look at how to give your case a quick clean. 

Regularly Cleaning Your Apple Leather Case
It’s always a good idea to clean your Apple leather case regularly to prevent body oils, dirt, dust, and other outside factors from ruining your leather. While there’s a specific process for how to clean an Apple leather case properly, it’s an extremely easy process that doesn’t take much effort. 

All you’ll need to clean your Apple leather case is a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth and a dab of water. You want to go easy with the water because too much will damage the leather. You also want to clean it in a circular motion and be extremely gentle -- don’t scrub it or apply a lot of pressure. 

To fully nourish, restore, and waterproof your Apple leather case, you should also apply a dab of Leather Conditioning Cream from Burkley Case. It’s the finishing touch you need to keep it looking its best at all times. We recommend applying it every few months, but it largely depends on how much it gets used. 

Was Your Leather Scratched?
Since most Apple leather cases spend a lot of time in your jeans, in your bag, and in your hand, there’s a good chance it gets dropped, bumped into, or rubbed up against other items. You might not be thinking about it at the time, but your mood changes when you see a big scratch on your Apple leather case. 

Again, some people like these minor scratches because it gives the leather some character and personality, but other people want it to look clean and ‘brand new.’ Don’t worry, this process is usually rather simple as well. 

For minor scratches, simply rubbing your finger over the scratch (gently) could do the trick. The oils from your fingers heal the leather, while the heat from your fingers gives it a nice ‘massage.’ Over time, these scratches and scuff marks will start to reduce. 

You can also use leather conditioning cream on the affected area as a finishing touch, much like you would after cleaning the Apple leather case. Keep in mind that the more you care for your leather, the longer it’ll last and the harder it’ll be for those small issues to become larger issues along the way. 

Did You Get Water On Your Leather?
If it’s not a scratch that’s got you worried when caring for your Apple leather case, then it’s water damage. Leather is known to have a little resistance to water, which is why you can clean it with a damp cloth, but it doesn’t do so well when excessive water is present. 

When leather becomes too wet, it’ll slowly harden and stiffen up when it’s drying. This causes it to lose that leather look we all love, as well as that leather feel we’ve grown accustomed to. 

If you’ve spilled water on your leather case and it’s fully-soaked in water, the best thing to do is let it dry naturally and address the concerns with leather conditioner when it’s finished drying. 

If there’s a lot of water on half of it, you’ll want to -- oddly enough -- gently rub a damp cloth on the dry part of the leather until the case is fully wet. Then let it dry and use the conditioner. If you spilled another liquid on your leather case, you’ll need to remove that liquid first before letting it dry.

Of course, sometimes life has other plans for us and there’s just no getting around the fact that your leather case won’t look the same. In this case, you can always try a professional leather cleaner and they might be able to restore it back to health. 

Maintaining Your Leather Case
Aside from regularly cleaning your leather case, much like we discussed above, there are several things leather owners need to know when maintaining their Apple case. Believe it or not, many Apple leather case owners are putting their case in harm’s way without knowing it. 

Here are some of our most prominent tips when maintaining your Apple leather case:
  • Don’t allow your leather to touch magazines, ink, or other colored items for a long period of time.
  • Don’t allow your leather to sit in high-heat or humid areas for long periods of time -- especially in hot cars or near a radiator. 
  • In addition to heat and humidity, excessive sunlight exposure can damage your leather’s appearance. 
  • Whether in your jeans or on a counter, don’t allow your leather to rub up against hard surfaces that might scratch it. 
  • Leather items don’t like lotions, perfumes, cologne, oils, and other liquids, so be sure to avoid contact with these. 
Other than that, you should always keep your Apple leather case in areas with natural air flow. Much like our skin needs to breathe, so does your leather!

At Blackbrook Case, we take leather seriously and want to make sure every leather owner has the proper tools and resources to do the same. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to clean an Apple leather case properly. 

You can also head over to our online store to view our Apple leather cases -- among all our other leather products!
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