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How to identify real leather from synthetic leather - BlackBrook Case

How to identify real leather from synthetic leather

Have you ever bought a gorgeous leather bag or a pair of leather shoes only to get home and discover your new product isn't the real deal? This can be disappointing, to say the least.

It's pretty easy to mistake synthetic leather for real leather if you don't know what to look for. Fake leather has been designed to look like the real thing, making it hard for most people to tell whether something is faux leather vs. real leather. 

If you're interested in determining whether your leather is real or fake, keep reading. This guide walks you through the differences between genuine leather and fake leather. 

Look at the Price of the Product

One of the first red flags that you're dealing with vinyl instead of genuine leather is if it's cheap. The reason for this is that genuine leather takes a lot of chemical processing to get it ready for production. 

Since the process is more complex, real leather tends to be more expensive. More work has gone into the manufacturing of those products, meaning that you can expect to pay more for your genuine leather products. 

Check Out the Product's Texture

Genuine leather has a very distinctive surface. It's soft and smooth to the touch. However, faux leathertends to be the opposite. When you touch it, it's quite rigid. 

On top of that, genuine leather gives off a warm feeling when you touch it. In contrast, artificial leather is quite cold. You can tell when you touch synthetic leather because it tends to feel quite lifeless. 

Synthetic leather also has poor elasticity. This means that if it develops spider wrinkles, these will stick around. Real leather, however, will eventually return to its original state. 

Smell the Product

One interesting fact about real leather is that it has a very distinctive smell. It will smell natural and woody, making it obvious that you're dealing with a natural animal hide product. 

On the other hand, synthetic leather is made of plastic. This means that it doesn't have much of a scent that you'll be able to pick up on. 

Look at the Leather Product Carefully

The appearance of a leather product can be a dead giveaway as to whether or not it's the real deal. That's because genuine leather has natural pores and a unique suede or fuzz on the back of it. 

In contrast, the back of synthetic leather has no fuzz at all. It's made of a very obviously plastic-based material that simply serves to hold the product together. 

Know the Difference Between Synthetic Leather and Real Leather

With this handy guide, you should have no trouble figuring out if something is made of synthetic leather or not. Next time you're shopping for leather products, keep these tips in mind to make sure you get the right product. 

Speaking of shopping for leather products, if you're looking for some, be sure to check out the collections at Blackbrook. We've got some incredible leather pieces to add to your collection! Shop now and take home all the leather items your heart desires.

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