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Introducing BlackBrook Case, the new name for Burkley Case - BlackBrook Case

Introducing BlackBrook Case, the new name for Burkley Case

A return to our roots

Why change the name of one of the best leather brands? Our new name BlackBrook Case marks both a fresh start and a return to our heritage.

“BlackBrook” is the memorable name of the small town where our founder spent many summers growing up. To him, BlackBrook means a one-of-a-kind experience that he wants to last. In the same mindset, our boutique leather products are designed to be both unique and durable.

Further, the “Case” part of our name emphasizes our versatile leather phone cases for Apple, Samsung, and Google devices. We also offer select leather tablet and laptop cases. Yet our full name BlackBrook Leather Company represents our complete catalog with genuine leather accessories like watch bands, purses, and shoes.

A smooth transition

Although our name is changing, our emphasis on quality leather products and business principles remains the same. We would like to bring your attention to just three ways our brand image will change.

New website: Do not lose access to our genuine leather items when our old website retires. Update your web browser favorites to our new BlackBrook website. Starting in January 2021 you can access this rebranded and improved website.


New email: Be sure you can continue to follow the BlackBrook story with regular newsletters and updates. Add our new email address to your safe sender email contacts. 

Support email:

Updated logo: Along with the brand name change, our marketing materials will feature a slightly revised logo. The bison logo representing strong leather hides will now feature the BlackBrook name.

A reason to celebrate

We are very excited about what this name transition means for our brand in the new year and beyond! We hope to grow our audience while maintaining our core values as one of the best leather brands.

Through it all, BlackBrook Case will continue providing a top-notch line of genuine leather products and accessories for our customers. We will keep designing these leather items in New York and crafting them from unique leathers in Istanbul.

For our loyal customers, we want to include you in the celebration with a new year sale. You are the reason that our company has existed and thrived since 2014. Plus, if you refer a friend to our new website they can save as well. So keep spreading the word about the BlackBrook difference.

In summary, our brand name is changing from Burkley Case to BlackBrook Case at the start of 2021. But our brand values and quality genuine leather items will be the same ones you love and trust. Check out our latest leather products at our updated website.

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