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Leather Lifespan: How to Clean Leather Accessories - BlackBrook Case

Leather Lifespan: How to Clean Leather Accessories

When people talk about the benefits of owning leather, one of the first things they frequently mention is its longevity. There's a reason that high-end vintage stores are always full of beautiful leather accessories. When you buy something leather, you can expect it to last your whole life.

That longevity doesn't come free though. In order to get the most out of your leather, you need to take good care of it. You need to know how to clean leather and how to keep it in good shape. 

Luckily, there are easy steps that you can take to make sure that you're treating your leather as well as you can. Increase your leather lifespan with these tips.


One of the best ways to keep leather strong is to keep it moisturized. It is skin after all. Treat it as kindly as you would your own skin.

Every few months apply a leather conditioner with a microfiber cloth. Gently rub it in using a circular motion until it's entirely absorbed. Be sure not to use too much and make sure that it's free from dirt before you begin.

If you're trying to maintain leather shoes, it can be smart to stuff them with newspaper when they aren't in season. Don't put too much in because it will stretch them out, but the right amount will help them keep their shape. This is an especially good tip for boots, and it can be applied to leather bags with a specific desired shape as well.

How to Clean Leather Using Spot Cleaning

For simple spot cleaning, you can do your own leather care. 

For dirt and grime that settles in bags, flip the bag inside out and use a lint roller or vacuum brush to remove the dirt inside.

To clean the outside, use either a leather cleaning or warm soapy water on a soft, lint-free rag to wipe the bag. Do not harshly rub, but instead lightly wipe or dab the outside of the bag. 

To dry, use another lint-free towel. This time only dabbing techniques should be used. Do not let your leather remain wet for long after you clean it, and always follow up cleaning with conditioning otherwise the bag is likely to dry out and crack.

For more intense stains you can try either rubbing alcohol, baking soda and water, or lemon juice. Always spot test in an unnoticeable spot first to be sure that your stain remover won't create a new stain. Follow up any stain removal with an overall wipe down of your bag.

Bigger Cleaning Jobs

If your leather goods are significantly dirty you'll need to take them to an expert on leather care. These experts can remove tougher stains, give better treatments, and provide advice on preserving your leather.

Getting the Most Out of Your Leather

With the right care and knowing how to clean leather, you'll be able to love your favorite leather pieces for a lifetime. Regularly clean and condition your own leather, and don't be afraid to bring it to an expert for extra help.

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