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Samsung vs iPhone: How to Know Which One is Better for You - BlackBrook Case

Samsung vs iPhone: How to Know Which One is Better for You

For some, the iPhone XR and its successor, the iPhone 11, are the smartphones they've always dreamed of. Apple designed both phones with solid bases, updated internal specs, and the latest camera lenses. They're both powerful devices with traditional designs and an A13 Bionic processor to envy. 

But for others, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is the better, more sensible option. It offers a great aesthetic, an exceptional camera, and a balanced flagship power. And it's serious competition against all other smartphones in 2019. 

So Samsung vs. iPhone could be a never-ending debate around the world but deciding between the two doesn't have to be complicated. We've done our own analysis of how the two compare so you won't have to wreck your brain. Here's your guide to choosing the best smartphone for YOU!

Charging, Battery Life, and Performance

Since both smartphones offer high powered processors, you'll find smooth flagship performance no matter your choice. The iPhone 11 is equipped with an A13 Bionic processor that'll provide you with all of the power you need for any heavy apps. But in comparison to the Galaxy S10e, it's unlikely that you'll notice any major differences. 

And when it comes to Samsung vs. iPhone, there are significant differences in their storage options. The S10e offers storage from 128GB onwards in comparison to the iPhone 11's $699 model only coming with 64GB. The S10e also offers 1TB of additional storage on its MicroSD card which can hold tons of photos and videos.

Now onto the battery life: the iPhone 11 offers a solid battery life that'll last you all day. However, battery life is much lower on the S10e, so it probably won't last you through the entire day. Luckily, the S10e has a fast-charging box you can utilize. 

The winner here is: iPhone 11

The Camera

The Galaxy S10e features two major and impressive lenses. One is a 12-megapixel main one with optical image stabilization with variable aperture. The other is a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle one.

It's an excellent camera for capturing wide landscapes but it isn't the best for poorly lit areas. 

The iPhone 11, on the other hand, features Apple's newest feature: Night Mode This will help with low lighting while the new front camera has 12-megapixels TrueDepth that can take selfies in slow motion. We can't forget about the ultra-wide-angle lens as well, making a total of 3 major camera features all on one device. 

The winner here is: iPhone 11

Extra Special Features

The final analysis comes down to the extra special features of these two smartphones. The iPhone 11 replaced its fingerprint sensor for its ultra-convenient Face ID. The facial scanning technology also powers the phone's Memojis and Animojis which are not only fun to use but add originality to the device. 

In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S10e features Google Assistant, the desktop DeX mode, Gear VR, and Bixby. The side of the phone is home to a fingerprint scanner and facial recognition as well. Despite not being as secure as Apple's Face ID, it's still a convenient feature to have. 

There's no winner here — we have a tie between iPhone vs. Samsung!

The Bottom Line on Samsung v. iPhone

In the battle of Samsung vs. iPhone, it's safe to say that the iPhone 11 is the winner. However, each phone has its own unique features to consider. Depending on the type of phone owner you are and what you need from your smartphone, either phone could be the perfect option for you!

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