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The 5 Best Briefcases for Men in 2018 - BlackBrook Case

The 5 Best Briefcases for Men in 2018

If you need a new briefcase to hold your laptop and work files, it's important to buy one that is high quality without having to break the bank. Here are the 5 best briefcases for men in 2018.

The professional man today looks for accessories that are both fashionable and functional, but it might be an overwhelming task for many. What's fashionable now? What brands are trustworthy? Which have the highest quality?

Instead of perusing the hundreds of current offerings, let us help!

In this article, we'll go over five of the all-around best briefcases for men today, ensuring you spend as wisely as you can.

5 of the Best Briefcases for Men Today

Taking into account quality, professional stylishness, and what you're paying for, we've compiled this quick list to help you buy:

The Augus Business Travel Briefcase

This essential briefcase is a wonder for the modern professional. It has a sleek exterior that is water-resistant, helping to keep all the important contents free from the elements.

The width of this briefcase is nearly six inches wide, providing plenty of space for your laptop and other business items. A handful of pockets allow for convenient and organized storage for phones, pens, chargers, etc.

Webber Upright Briefcase

Taking a stylish turn from the traditional shape of a briefcase, the Webber Upright is more of a "portrait mode" than a "landscape mode." The dimensions have turned, but there's no compromising on space: you can still fit your laptop and more!

The working man can't get much more stylish than this product, made from high-quality shoe leather. The sleek design is made even more appealing to men by allowing them to customize the handles.

You get a uniquely fashionable and able briefcase with the Webber Upright, but it's the most expensive one here on our list.

Lifewit Men's Military Briefcase

The nearly-18 inch briefcase is unparalleled in its durability, and you don't have to compromise on an outstanding price tag. The Lifewit is made of tough nylon fabric that is as durable as it is water-resistant.

Not all professional briefcases have to be leather. The Lifewit is sharp and handsome, and it has plenty of multi-purpose pockets to house all your professional needs.

Users are able to store things like coffee mugs, water bottles, or anything else they need in convenient pouches on each end.

Burkley Leather Business Briefcase with Felt Interior

The Burkley is undeniably a sturdy, quality product; however, it's unsurpassed in style. The Saffiano Navy Blue offers a unique and beautiful exterior and the felt interior protects your belongings, preventing scrapes and dings.

The blue leather on the outside is stamped with the signature bison logo, a detail as subtle and attractive as the MacBook Apple.

Burkley, a fine maker of many leather products, did not compromise on fashion when designing this simple briefcase. And what's more, the modest price makes it a fine gift for any working man today.

Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Attache Briefcase

The traditional-looking Alpine Swiss briefcase expands and makes room for all your items in an ultra-secure product. The sturdy design is complemented by a pair of combination locks on either side of the briefcase, enhancing security.

Organization and security are rarely more affordable than the Alpine Swiss; you get a safe, attractive, and well-organized product for less than $100.

Where to Keep Looking

Want to browse the Burkley inventory for more of the best briefcases for men around? Head on over to the Burkley Strong Leather inventory now and peruse our exceptional leather products for the modern professional!

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