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The Most Luxurious Briefcases For Men Who Enjoy The Finer Things In Life - BlackBrook Case

The Most Luxurious Briefcases For Men Who Enjoy The Finer Things In Life

The purchasing of luxury bags is expected to grow by 7% from 2019 to 2023. With an increasing demand for luxury bags, more options will become available. It can be overwhelming when you have so many options to sift through.

Below we will review different briefcases for men. This will help you decide which briefcase best suits your needs. We will look at some of the top briefcases trending in 2019.

Burkley Case Leather Bag

Bradford Leather Business Briefcase

The Bradford Leather Briefcase is very durable, your items will be well guarded. It has a think leather lining exterior and a felt interior. What's more, it comes with leather handles and an adjustable strap.

This briefcase has three different colors options you can choose from. You can get it in burnished tan, antique golden brown, or distressed antique coffee. 

The Bradford Briefcase is large enough to hold a 17-inch laptop. Out of the three briefcases listed in this review, it is the largest. Even with its large size, this bag is surprisingly lightweight.

Moreover, it has a few pockets which allow you to store all your devices and supplies. 

Burkley Case Leather Bag

Dakota Leather Business Briefcase

If you want a business briefcase where style meets function, the Dakota Leather Briefcase is for you. As with the Bradford, the Dakota Briefcase has a leather exterior and a felt interior. This allows for better protection of your valuables.

Out of the three bags listed in this review, the Dakota comes with the most pockets. There are no exterior pockets, but there are six interior pockets.

Two of the pockets are quite large and can hold tablets, laptops, or your files/papers. The largest laptop size they can hold is a 15-inch. 

There are two organization pockets which can hold your accessories (e.g. your phone and wallet). Finally, there are two pen/pencil holders. This gives you easy access to grab your writing implements. 

The Dakota has a non-adjustable shoulder strap and two leather handles. The shoulder strap is a leather-canvas hybrid. This combination gives it better durability, allowing it to last longer. It should be noted that the strap is not as long as the adjustable strap on the Bradford.

This briefcase has two color options. It comes in burnished tan or distressed antique coffee. 

Business Commuter Bag 

The Business Commuter Bag is unlike the Dakota and Bradford. This bag is unique as it doesn't have a completely leather exterior. It is made of fabric and comes with leather accents.

This bag is ideal for business or leisure. It can store books, laptops, anything you may need in your day to day life. 

The Commuter Bag has an exterior and a few interior pockets. It comes with one exterior pocket which allows for easy access to items.

Inside the bag are two slim pockets which can safely hold your wallet, phone, or other accessories. What's more, there is an extra pouch which can hold your papers or files.

On top of that, there is a protective sleeve inside to keep your tablet or laptop safe from damage. This sleeve can hold a laptop as large as 13 inches.

This Business Commuter Bag only comes in black (the fabric) and burnished tan (the leather). 

Unlike the Bradford and the Dakota, this bag doesn't come with a strap, it only has the two leather handles. 

Do Any of These Briefcases Speak to You?

These are just some of the popular briefcases for men out there today. There are so many unique designs to choose from. There is a bag suited to each person's unique personality and likes. 

Review our blog for the essential items you should carry in your briefcase. 

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