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Time for an Office Upgrade! - BlackBrook Case

Time for an Office Upgrade!

Do you ever sit in your office and feel completely uninspired? What good is a workspace if you can’t motivate yourself to get to work? An office should enable you to feel focused, while also relaxed and clear-headed. But when desk is cluttered with old, random desk décor, it’s nearly impossible to buckle down and get to work.

Burkley offers a stunning collection of office items and accessories that will encourage you to declutter and redecorate with the elegance you deserve. What better way to begin a work day than with a kept and luxuriant office?

burkley case desk mat in burnished tan



Leather Cup Coaster


Sometimes a long work day requires an energizing glass of iced cold-brew coffee. Protect your desk from your favorite beverages with a Burkley Leather Cup Coaster. This elegant stitched circle coaster is stamped with the Burkley Logo, and is available in four colors: rabat black, tan, navy blue, and vessel grey. Buy in bulk for a discounted rate!

Burkley Case Leather Cup Coaster

Desk Mat


If you’re limited to one new accessory to refine your workspace, consider Burkley’s genuine leather desk mat. This leather desk pad adds an element of lavish sophistication to your desktop, while also providing premium functionality. Doubly functioning as a mousepad, the leather upper provides a smooth surface for your mouse, while the suede underside stops scuffs and scratches. Durable and long-lasting, this elegant desk mat offers ample space to work on your desk. Available in Distressed Antique Coffee, Burnished Tan, and Saffiano Navy Blue, this is a timeless accessory that will last for years to come.

Burkley Case Leather Desk Mat in Antique Coffee

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