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What are the Best iPhone Accessories You Must Have? - BlackBrook Case

What are the Best iPhone Accessories You Must Have?

Your iPhone is cool on it's own, but it's even cooler with all the best iPhone accessories. Read Below here to find out which ones you need most.

You absolutely love your iPhone just the way it is. We get it. But the best iPhone accessories can make your beloved smartphone that much more valuable to you.

Research shows that the iPhone remains one of the most popular smartphones across the globe. In fact, the sales of the iPhone have consistently risen over the past few years, increasing from nearly 170 million phones back in 2014 to nearly 216 million in 2017.

There's no doubt that your iPhone is cool on its own. But it's even cooler with all of the best iPhone accessories. Here's a rundown of the best accessories you must have in 2018.

Let's jump in!

Portable Charger

Whether you hit the road monthly or yearly, a portable charger for your iPhone can come in handy.

The best charger this year? Try Anker's Astro E1. This particular charger offers a competitive balance of size, power, and price.

With 5200mAh, this charger has enough energy to completely charge your phone not once but twice. With this charger, you truly do get a bang for your buck.


When it comes to phone keyboards, a wide range of excellent options are available on the market. However, a customer favorite is Anker's Ultra Compact.

This keyboard is perfect for the mobile worker -- the professional or student who uses his or her iPhone regularly to get work done. For instance, the wireless keyboard can come in handy for typing a lengthy document or email -- something that would be a nightmare to compose with your built-in keyboard.

One of the best things about this keyboard is that its battery life is a whopping six months.

Yes. Six months.

You can't beat that.

Selfie Stick

If you're the self-proclaimed Queen of Selfies (isn't nearly everyone these days?), you can't go wrong with Mpow's Selfie Stick.

This iPhone accessory comes with a head that can be adjusted 270 degrees to snap the best shot no matter how it is angled.

The selfie stick is seven inches long yet highly portable, so it's easy to tow around in your purse, your backpack or even your pants pocket.

Bluetooth Speaker

If you're honest with yourself, you'd admit that your beloved iPhone doesn't have the best speakers around.

Fortunately, if you enjoy playing music outside or even at parties, Anker's AK-99ANSP9901 Bluetooth speaker can make that happen for you with ease.

This speaker can play for 20 hours with its robust battery. Considering its relatively economical price, the sound that comes out of this speaker is downright impressive.

How We Can Help You to Access the Best iPhone Accessories

We offer some of the best iPhone accessories on the market.

For instance, we offer a genuine handmade luxury snap-on case for the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus that is made out of leather. Another one of our popular accessories is the iPhone X's Belt Clip Holster with a Magnetic Closure.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how our accessories can enhance your iPhone experience even more in 2018.

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