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What Are the Latest iPhone 14 Rumors? - BlackBrook Case

What Are the Latest iPhone 14 Rumors?

The internet is swirling with iPhone 14 rumors. Tech enthusiasts expect it to be one of the biggest iPhone upgrades yet. It is expected to include a new processor, new cameras, and even new colors!

Of course, the phone is also expected to be designed for a changing technological world. New virtual reality capabilities point to big plans Apple is working on for the future. Plus, an always-on display could revolutionize how people interact with their phones.

Keep reading below to learn more about what we know about the new iPhone 14!

iPhone 14 Rumors Point to New Colors

It's a tradition that every time Apple announces a new iPhone; they also announce a new color palette. This year, leaks indicate that the iPhone 14 could come in a bronze or purple color along with the usual black and gray colors that phones are available in. 

Previous special colors included a dark green for the 13th generation. And the 12th iPhone came in a bright red color. Money from sales of that generation went to benefit a nonprofit that supports HIV and AIDS research.

New Hardware, New Capabilities

Each new generation of the iPhone is more powerful than the last. This generation is not expected to be different in that regard. However, it could make a massive leap in terms of its capabilities.

Officials said that the new iPhone will be the "biggest revamp to the device in over a decade." That could include an always-on display, introducing a whole new platform for app developers to experiment with.

An always-on display effectively keeps basic information on your phone at all times. Other phone models have used it to constantly tell people the music playing in the background. It also usually includes a clock that is always available and notifications about calls or texts.

The iPhone 14 Could Have Virtual Reality Features

Apple has discussed possibly launching a new 'realityOS' system along with the phones. It is meant to be a platform for the company's upcoming virtual reality headset. The headset isn't expected exactly compete with other models, like the Oculus or Valve's VR system.

Instead, the headset is expected to focus on other aspects of virtual reality. It isn't expected to totally take people into virtual worlds either. Instead, the headset will likely experiment with augmented reality, giving people more information about the things they see in real life.

Their phones may connect to the headset somehow through the new operating system. It could work as a handle to interact with virtual worlds. And for that, people will need strong grips with cases that prevent damage.

Prepare For the Best iPhone Yet!

There are tons of other iPhone 14 rumors that could help make the device one of Apple's best phones yet. It is expected to feature a notch-less display with a hole-punch camera. It is also expected to have an A16 processing chip.

The cameras are also expected to be massively upgraded, with new periscope zooming capabilities. They are also expected to reach up to 48 megapixels, rivaling some professional cameras.

So, get ready for the launch of the new iPhone 14. The 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference ends Friday, when the announcement is expected to come. And to prepare for the new phone, get a new leather case to match its design here.

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