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What is the Best Phone Case for Your New Phone? - BlackBrook Case

What is the Best Phone Case for Your New Phone?

The first thing you want to do when purchasing a new phone is ensuring that it lasts a long time. To do that you need to add a protective layer to the outside. From tempered glass screen protectors to protective cases, you have lots of options.

So, what is the best phone case for your new phone? Continue reading to learn more about our favorites.

Best Phone Case

What Is the Best Phone Case for Your Phone?

Burkley carries a variety of premium leather phone cases to fit your needs. Burkley has you covered if you have any of these types of phones:

  • Apple iPhone 7 through 11 Pro MAX,
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 through S20 Ultra,
  • Google Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL

The specific features that you are looking for will determine the best phone cover for you. Every leather phone case by Burkley comes in a variety different colors to choose from, including traditional leather colors to more contemporary pinks, greens, and blue.

Carson Leather Wallet Case

Carson Leather Wallet Phone Case

The Carson Leather Wallet Case features a detachable phone case held in place with a strong magnet. The wallet can hold up to 3 cards and has a place for cash as well.

Edmonds Leather Snap On Phone Case

Edmonds Leather Snap-On Phone Case

The Edmonds Leather phone case features a flap on the back of the phone that snaps on and snaps closed with room for up to 4 cards and cash. This phone case has the extra wallet storage without the added bulkiness for the wallet. 

Lara Leather Wallet Case

Lara Leather Wallet Phone Case

The Lara Leather Wallet styled phone case comes with a crossbody strap that allows the phone to be held over-the-shoulder. The wallet is secured to the back of the phone case and can fit up to 2 cards.

Wallet Phone Case

Windsor Bi-fold Leather Wallet Phone Case

The Windsor Bi-fold Leather wallet also features the detachable phone case. Rather than just one side for cards, the wallet has an additional double-sided insert that can hold up to 8 more cards!

York 360 Leather Snap on Phone Case

York 360º Leather Snap-On Phone Case

If the extra gadgets aren't your cup of tea, Burkley also has plain leather phone cases. The York 360º Leather Snap-On Case is a shell-like phone case that will protect your phone while being stylish. The York is also on the cheaper side.


Why Should You Go With Burkley?

After reading this article, you no longer have to ask, "what is the best phone case?". Burkley's phone cases are meant for their quality and durability. They are built to last, being made from strong, long-lasting cowhide leather

They are extremely functional, from snap on cardholders to removable wallets.

While they may be on the more expensive side, they are some of the toughest and best quality phone cases out there. Burkley's will hold up to the test of time. Plus, they are a true fashion statement.

You can personalize your Burkley case to make the product truly one-of-a-kind.

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