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What Tablet Size Should You Buy: A Guide - BlackBrook Case

What Tablet Size Should You Buy: A Guide

Are you thinking about buying a tablet? Did you know that according to, 78% of households owned a desktop or tablet device?

If you're ready to buy a tablet, you may be wondering what tablet size is right for you. Bigger tablets may work better for certain people, while smaller tablets may work better for others.

Whether you choose to buy an Apple tablet or a Samsung tablet, it's important to determine which tablet size is best.

Keep reading this guide to find out what tablet size you should buy.

7-8 Inch Tablets

7-8 inch tablets are smaller-sized and are the easiest when it comes to transportation. This size tablet is perfect for those who like to use a tablet in their leisurely time as opposed to working or academics.

Another benefit of 7-8 inch tablets is that they tend to be on the less expensive side in comparison to other larger tablets.

If you're an Android fan, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 is a great 7-inch tablet. If you prefer Apple products, you could opt for the iPad mini.

9-10 Inch Tablets

If you're looking to scale up a bit in size, you may prefer a 9-10 inch tablet. These tablets are similar to laptops, making them an awesome choice for those looking to use their tablet for work or school as well as for casual use.

Given their size, these tablets do tend to be more expensive than 7-8 inch tablets. They are also not as lightweight or transportable compared to smaller-sized tablets.

The Samsung Note 10.1 is an efficient Android option for this size and the iPad Air 2 is an efficient Apple option.

11-12 Inch+ Tablets

The biggest tablets are typically 11-12 inches or more. These tablets are specifically appealing to those who mainly want to use their tablet for work or academics because of their large screen size and ability to store more software and data.

The cool thing about these larger tablets is that you can often attach a keyboard to them, imitating the look and feel of an actual laptop.

The downside of these tablets, however, is that they are certainly more expensive than smaller or mid-sized tablets. They also are much more difficult to transport and heavier in weight. Therefore, if you're looking for a tablet for reading they probably aren't the right fit.

Examples of 11-12 inch tablets include the Samsung Galaxy Book for Android users or the iPad Pro Surface for Apple users.

Find the Right Tablet Size

This guide taught what tablet size you should buy. With so many tablet products to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

Utilize this guide to determine the best size for your needs.

Once you've decided on the right-sized tablet, you'll want to buy a case. At BlackBrook Strong Leather, we offer a variety of different luxury leather cases for your mobile devices.

For questions and inquiries, contact us today.

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