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What to Carry in Your Briefcase: 8 Things That Every Man Should Have - BlackBrook Case

What to Carry in Your Briefcase: 8 Things That Every Man Should Have

A 2015 report indicates that the sales for men bags in the U.S. increased by double digits to $2.3 billion. Each year, the sale of men bags increases by 47 percent, an amount that is set to offset the decline in the sales of women bags.

By having a sleek briefcase, a modern man exudes sophistication. However, a good bag should not only be for show. It is the items that you have inside that sets you aside from the crowd.

The items you carry should help you stay organized and ready for whatever the day throws in your way. Keep reading as we help you identify what to carry in your briefcase.

1. A Portable Charger

As we live in an age where cellphones dominate our daily activities, it is imperative to always have an extra supply of juice that will keep your phone alive while you are on the go.

A portable charger will help you recharge your batteries at any time of the day. You do not want your phone switching off in the middle of an urgent business call, do you?

2. A Pocket Journal

You can pair a stylish pen with a unique pocket journal where you can write down important notes during business lunches or ideas that pop up on your ride back home from work.

A journal gets rid of the constant worry of your work getting deleted from your tablet. With cybercrime becoming more rampant, a business journal provides a safe area to write down your private notes.

3. A Portfolio

A portfolio helps you to stay organized with minimal effort. You can use it to store your sensitive documents, laptop, credit cards and your mobile phone within reach.

A portfolio made of leather will give you a classy look and impress everyone that looks at it.

4. A Mini Umbrella

Men carrying bags should always carry a small umbrella. Regardless of the location, the weather can be unpredictable.

A small collapsible umbrella will help you protect yourself when it suddenly pours. It is not meant to be a replacement to your primary umbrella; it only ensures that the rain does not get you unprepared.

5. A Lip Balm

How you present yourself before other matters a lot. Walking with dry and chapped lips does not give you a good look, both in and out of the office.

Your lips can become dry due to a change in your diet, environmental factors, or dehydration. You should always keep your flaky lips at bay by having a lip balm close by in your briefcase.

Choosing What to Carry in your Briefcase

Apart from the five items listed above, there are various other items that a man can carry in his bag. But how do you choose which is of value than the other?

The items you carry in your briefcase largely depend on your career option. For example, a doctor can put a stethoscope in their briefcase while a mail carrier can use the bag to transport mail.

Both items are only of importance to the person using the bag.

Therefore, it is essential to note that functionality plays a vital role in deciding what to carry in your briefcase. Visit our site to see the various bag options you can find.  

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