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What to Look for in a New Pixel 4 Leather Case - BlackBrook Case

What to Look for in a New Pixel 4 Leather Case

You've just got the phone you've been waiting for, the Google Pixel 4, but now what are you going to do to ensure the longevity of your new Google phone?

There's more to consider than just how a case looks. You need to also make sure they're going to protect your phone as well as be functional.

Keep reading to learn what to look for in a new Google Pixel 4 leather case.

Google Pixel 4 Leather Phone Case

A Case That Protects

You don't want a phone case that's going to be so big it won't fit in your pocket. But you still want it to be substantial enough that it will protect the phone when you drop it.

With 50 million cracked phone screens in 2018, you need a case that can protect your phone from impact or other damage.

Find a case that offers a protective covering over the front of your phone. Usually, a magnetic covering that snaps open and shut can help if your phone falls.

Functional and Fashionable Design

Not only is a protective case important, but so is a phone case that's functional and fashionable. 

You should find one that has a magnetic screen covering to protect against those inevitable accidents. These also help to keep your screen clean from outside debris.

If you have small pockets or don't like carrying around an extra bag, find a wallet case that has your phone and cards all in one place. These are growing in popularity and make shopping easy.

Most people tend to think of all phone cases as plastic, but having a leather phone case makes all the difference. Smooth leather feels nice in our hands and also looks nice, matching more of your outfits.

Does It Need to Be Waterproof?

A lot of new phones, including the Pixel 4, are water-resistant, but that doesn't mean they're 100% waterproof.

If you're around water often or you're scared about your phone getting wet, you should find a case that is waterproof.

This isn't for everyone, but people who frequent pools or beaches (or live in a very rainy area) should consider this in their next phone case purchase. 

Wireless Charging

What good is having a phone capable of wireless charging if your phone case prevents the charge?

Find a phone case that allows your phone to charge wirelessly. You'll appreciate being able to take advantage of all your phone's features.

Should You Get a Screen Protector?

Depending on what case you end up settling with, you may or may not need a screen protector.

If your case leaves the front of your phone open, then you should get a screen protector. If your case has one of those clear plastic protectors, or you have a magnetic flap to protect the screen, you could get away with not getting one.

Get the Right Pixel 4 Leather Case Today

If these are all features you're looking for, then get this pixel 4 leather case today!

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