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3 Esential Tips About Giving a Leather Wallet As a Gift - BlackBrook Case

3 Esential Tips About Giving a Leather Wallet As a Gift

If you have a special person in your life, you always want to give them the best gifts possible. Many people end up gifting leather wallets because their durable and look amazing. But not all leather wallets are made equally. 

Therefore, you'll want to read this article before buying a leather gift. This way, you know you're getting the best option for what you paid. So keep reading our comprehensive guide to real leather gifts!

1. Choose a Properly Sized Wallet

The size of the wallet will depend on the person's size. For example, for an average-sized man, we recommend buying a wallet with at least 2 to 3 pockets.

Anything more than that will appear bulky. However, if the person is plus-sized, then a larger wallet with 4 to 5 holders will look amazing and not bulky!

2. Pick a Simple Design

A leather gift doesn't need to be overcomplicated because the leather speaks for itself. So don't spend your money on crazy concepts and designs. Instead, choose a plain color with a neat design. This way your person can rock their wallet with any outfit!

Oftentimes, we see people going for crazy patterns and colors. However, it can be harder to weather leather accessories if they are not practical and don't go with you're everyday style! So remember simple and neat will always be the best option.

3. Don't Limit Yourself to One Item

When buying leather gifts, you can pair them with other accessories! This way, your person can wear them cohesively. For example, a leather case and wallet are two big statement pieces-- and they say a lot about a person.

Or you can also do a wallet and a leather bag. This combination is timeless and effortless, yet it screams elegance and class. So when looking at real leather gifts, think about pairing and matching.

4. Don't Forget About Wallet Compartments

The design and color are one thing, the wallet compartments are what really matters. For starters, if your person carries a lot of different cards or verification forms, choose a wallet with deep slots. You should also stay away from transparent pockets as this could lead to identity theft.

5. Buy Genuine Leather

Although faux leather can be a great alternative, it doesn't last as long. Real leather can last for decades which means less consumption. So in the long run, you're creating less waste.

So when buying leather accessories, ensure that the website is selling real leather gifts! Typically, genuine leather comes from America, Italy, and France. 

6. Make It Unique

Last but not least, adding an engravement or monogram adds a personal touch. The best leather goods companies can add initials or some kind of design.

It's always best to add initials. This way, if the wallet ever becomes misplaced, you'll have a better chance of finding it because of the unique detailing.

The Best Gift Is a Leather Wallet

Everyone knows that leather gifts are an amazing way to show someone you care. And leather wallets are no exception. So memorize these great tips and get to shopping for the best gift ever. 

If you have more questions about leather accessories, visit our products page for a full product description!

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