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How to Choose the Perfect Leather Briefcase - BlackBrook Case

How to Choose the Perfect Leather Briefcase

A leather briefcase can hold your important items on a day-to-day basis. However, these leather bags have come a long way. Now, they're seen as a statement piece

So if you're wanting to buy a new leather briefcase, you're probably endlessly scrolling through websites trying to find the best one! If we're current, then keep reading this great guide on how to choose a briefcase!

What Are You Using It For?

Before buying a  leather messenger bag, you should consider your lifestyle and work. So if you mainly use leather briefcases for work, then consider a traditional briefcase. 

Traditional leather briefcases are standard-sized with stiff walls. This means you'll have enough support and room to haul your documents.

However, if you're bouncing around from your home office to your regular office, then choose a leather briefcase that holds your documents, files, books, and laptop. This way you don't have to carry multiple bags to haul all of your essentials.

Choose Quality Material for Your Leather Briefcase

It's always better to invest in quality, well-crafted genuine leather! This is because the best leather will last for decades without tearing or scratching.

In fact, leather improves over time because it begins to shift and form correctly. As opposed to faux leather, where the material will tear and break!

Not to mention, genuine leather smells amazing. So if you want to make an impression, buy a leather bag. So when looking at leather briefcases, look for full-grain leather as it's thicker and more durable.

You can also buy top grain leather if you want slightly cheaper options that are still of great quality. You also want to check where the leather came from.

Usually, American, Italian, French, and English leather are the best options! Overall, it's best to purchase real leather bags as they will last longer and get better over time!

How to Wear a Leather Briefcase 

The point of a briefcase is to keep your hands and pockets free of clutter. So when wearing a leather briefcase don't be afraid to put your phone and leader wallet inside!

As far as styling a leather briefcase, the rules are very simple! For starters, don't clash with your colors. So if you have a brown leather briefcase, wear neutral colors like black, nude, or brown. Stay away from bright colors like red, orange, green as this they might clash.

If you do like a little color in your wardrobe, instead incorporate them slightly. For example, wear a colored pocket-handkerchief or a fun tie! Overall, wearing and styling a leather briefcase is easy. Just let the leather bag do the talking!


How to Pack a Briefcase

A leather messenger bag should help you stay organized. However, you still need to pack your briefcase in order to have ample space.

The best way to pack your briefcase is to start with heavy items and place them in the back. For example, your laptop or books. Then, you'll want to store any loose documents in a folder and place them next to your heavy items. After this, any remaining or miscellaneous items can go next to your documents!

Always have your documents in the middle of your briefcase. This way you'll have easy access without having to dig through your leather bag.

Buy a Leather Briefcase Today

Leather is one of the strongest materials in the world. And now that you know everything about how to wear and pick a leather briefcase, you can start getting ready to shop!

So don't forget to visit our products page, for a full list of leather goods.

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