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3 New iPhone X Accessories You Should Own - BlackBrook Case

3 New iPhone X Accessories You Should Own

If you own an iPhone X, you should have all the coolest products that go along with it. Here are 3 awesome and new iPhone X accessories you should buy.


With more than one billion people currently owning a iPhone, there's a good chance that you're among them.

And though the design of the iPhone is certainly sleek on its own, we know that you're always on the hunt for cool iPhone accessories that can take it to the next level.

That's what this post is all about.

In it, we'll tell you about three of the most awesome -- and useful --iPhone X accessories that you just can't live without.

1. A Wireless Charger

First up on our list of the best iPhone X accessories?

A compact -- and seriously sleek -- cowhide leather wireless charger stand.

You can say goodbye to those annoying tangles of wires and the constant search for an outlet. Created with a smart recognition chip, your phone will charge faster than ever on our wireless stand.

Even better?

You'll still be able to send texts and make calls, as well as to use the Internet on your phone.

If you're looking for cool iPhone accessories that function as perfectly as they look, then you can't go wrong with this charger.

2. A Snap-On Case

You've invested lots of money into your iPhone. You want to make sure that you're doing everything that you can to extend its life.

However, you're just not a fan of those tacky, over-the-top phone cases.

You're much more interested in something classic and elegant.

So, what's the solution when it comes to getting the best accessories for iPhone X users that will look chic and still protect your phone?

Try this sturdy snap-on case.

It's surprisingly lightweight, and is even resistant to scratches and irritating smudges.

It also comes with lots of shock absorption, because we know that, no matter how hard you try not to, you'll eventually end up dropping your phone.

3. A Belt Clip Holster

Are you looking for iPhone X accessories that allow you to access your phone quickly?

Tired of digging through your handbag or wondering where you put your phone down?

It sounds like a belt clip holster for your iPhone is the solution that you've been searching for.

These gorgeous clips mean that you'll always know exactly where your phone is. It even comes with a magnetic closure option, which will only serve to further protect your phone.

Nothing will be able to slip inside the case, potentially damaging the screen.

Plus, the simple cut-out at the bottom makes it incredibly easy to pull out your phone on the first ring.

In the Market for More iPhone X Accessories?

From getting the right case to your phone to making sure it's always easy to access, we hope that you've been inspired by this list of the top iPhone X accessories.

Looking for the perfect color of case for your phone? Want to upgrade the look of your accessories by opting for those made from leather?

We've got you covered.

Be sure to check out our website for even more awesome iPhone X accessories that you simply have to have.

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