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3 Reasons Why You Need a Nice Phone Case - BlackBrook Case

3 Reasons Why You Need a Nice Phone Case

Your cell phone goes with you everywhere. That's why you need a nice phone case. Click here to 3 major reasons why you should put your phone in a case.

Americans love their smartphones, so much, 20 percent of the population spends more money on their smartphones than they do on groceries.

Having a phone these days has turned into a small investment, which is why you need to get a nice phone case to protect your phone.

If you don't have a case yet, take a look at these reasons why you should.

1. Can you Afford to Buy it Twice?

It doesn't matter if you're an IOS or Android fan, your smartphone cost you a lot of money. No phone case to protect your phone could mean money thrown away.

Sure, depending on your phone plan, you might have only paid a portion of the original price.

Some plans let you take a smartphone home for around $200+ without including the taxes. If you think that's not too bad, keep in mind you only get that great deal once.

What about the phone plans that require you to pay the entire thing up front? Imagine if you dropped $999 to $1,449 on the new iPhone X, and you dropped it.

A phone case could be the thing that saves your small investment from getting a cracked screen.

So if you can't afford to buy it twice, or can't afford the insurance deductible, make sure you invest in a sturdy phone case.

2. Protect your Phone from the Elements

If you live in a cold area, you might have noticed your iPhone battery doesn't last as long as it should. You might have 50% battery one minute and be down to 2% the next.

That is because low temperatures are extremely damaging to your phone. When you expose your phone to temperatures below 14 degrees Fahrenheit, the battery starts to get damaged.

Anything below 4 degrees will cause your phone to start powering down.

If you live in a place with scorching temperatures above 65 degrees Fahrenheit, your phone is not safe either. High temperatures will cause your phone to overheat.

If you get a case, you will protect your phone from extreme weather and help extend your battery life.

3. Get a Grip on Your Phone

The thin sleek design of smartphones these days makes it hard to keep a strong grip on them.

How many times have you been holding your phone and it just flies off your hand for no reason? That is because you're unable to keep a strong grip on your phone.

Phone cases aren't only an accessory to reflect your personality or look cool, they help you get a better grip on your phone.

Some cases have textures designed to give you a strong grip if you have butterfingers.

You don't need to have a bulky phone case to get a better grip, some slim models do just that.

Invest in a Nice Phone Case Today

If you can't afford to buy a new phone if yours gets damaged, then you should get a phone case. A case also helps you protect your phone from the weather and prevents many falls.

Ready to invest in a nice phone case? Check out our selection of iPhone cases and Samsung Galaxy cases.

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