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Are Phone Cases Necessary? What's the Best Way to Protect Your Phone? - BlackBrook Case

Are Phone Cases Necessary? What's the Best Way to Protect Your Phone?

Your new cell phone was expensive and would cost a lot to repair or replace. So, are phone cases necessary? You make the call after reading this article.

Are phone cases necessary?

You may have wondered that yourself, especially if you've lost or damaged a cell phone in the past.

Considering that Americans spent $6 billion on iPhone repairs between 2007 and 2012, it's only natural to wonder about the best ways to protect your phone.

Do you really need a phone case? How do phone cases work? And are phone cases worth it--or should you skip them?

Read on to learn more about phone protector cases and the best ways to protect your cell phone.

Are Screen Protectors Necessary?

First of all, let's discuss another common way people try to protect their cell phones.

No doubt when you purchased your phone, the salesperson tried to sell you a clear screen protector along with it. The idea is that this thin sheet of plastic over your phone's screen will help to prevent scratches or cracks.

Do screen protectors work? Yes--and no.

Screen protectors are great for minimizing scratches from everyday wear and tear. Carrying your phone in your pocket or purse or laying it facedown on something subjects it to endless opportunities to get scratched.

Screen protectors will keep your screen free of minor scratches. This makes them a partial solution to protecting your cell phone.

But what if you drop your phone while you're walking or it slips off a tabletop? This is where phone cases come in.

Are Phone Cases Necessary?

Now we come to the golden question: Are phone cases worth it?

The answer? Definitely yes.

Unlike screens, phone cases are made to protect all parts of your phone. A good, solid phone case will provide protection for the edges, corners, and back of your cell phone.

Why do you need this extra protection? Consider a few common scenarios.

Your phone could slip out of your pocket and fall onto the floor. Your toddler could get ahold of it and fling it across the room. Or maybe you tend to be on the clumsy side and you're constantly dropping things.

Whatever the case (see what we did there?), a phone protector case will save your digital friend from disaster.

Other Helpful Tips

A screen protector and a case will go a long way in safeguarding your cell phone. Here are a few more tips to help:

  • Don't take your phone into the bathroom--ever!
  • Invest in a GoPro or other waterproof camera to use at the pool or beach.
  • Avoid placing your phone in your back pocket.
  • Install a charging dock to prevent your phone from sliding around your car.
  • Clean your phone with only a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Consider basic or extended warranty phone insurance.

If you treat your phone as the investment it is, it should enjoy a long, damage-free life.

Where to Buy Your Phone Protector Case

So, are phone cases necessary? The answer is clear.

Combined with a screen protector and a little common sense, a phone case will help to safeguard your phone from damage.

Ready to buy a sturdy, attractive phone case that will get the job done? Check out our line of beautiful leather phone cases for both iPhones and Samsungs.

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