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7 Interesting Facts About iPhones (Number 5 Will Surprise You) - BlackBrook Case

7 Interesting Facts About iPhones (Number 5 Will Surprise You)

How much do you know about your iPhone? You probably use it more often than you think but do you know all the fun facts about iPhones and mysterious tidbits about it?

Apple is infamous for the secrecy of its products and operations, after all. They go the extra length to make sure that everything remains confidential. In the beginning, for example, only a handful of employees knew about the iPhone itself until its premiere.

The cloak-and-dagger operations only make one curious. We’re here to lift the curtain. Read on below to learn 7 interesting facts about iPhones!

Apple iPhone

1. Early Stages of Production

Did you know that Apple didn’t even consider making a phone? They first wanted to create a touchscreen tablet device.

Steve Jobs was unsure of the tablet’s marketability to the public. Thinking that it was too much of a risk, he put aside the tablet and applied the design on a phone instead. 

2. Top Secret Project

Perhaps one of the most intriguing Apple iPhone facts is that it's creation stayed top-secret. The sole condition Steve Jobs gave when creating the team is that it should consist of current Apple employees. He wanted to make sure that any information and details wouldn’t get leaked. 

3. Brand Loyalty of Apple Users

Apple might have the most loyal users in the world. In a survey, 90.5% of iPhone users still choose Apple as their sole phone provider. Only 5% of them considered changing brands.

That’s a lot of dedication from iPhone users. 

4. The Story Behind 9:41 AM

Do you notice the time stamp on the advertising images of Apple? It’s always 9:41 AM.

When launching the premiere of the iPhone, Apple wanted the reveal set around 40 minutes of the presentation. They wanted the time to match the audience’s watch. Apple knew that it won’t be as exact so they opted to add a minute. 

5. Samsung and Apple’s Partnership

Yes, you heard it right! Samsung and Apple previously worked together. Samsung made and provided the iPhone’s main processors for some time and again in 2018. TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) had the exclusive rights to manufacture Apple’s processors until Samsung re-entered the fray.

6. The Meaning of ‘i’ in iPhone

Have you ever wondered what that “I” means? The official statement reveals that it stands for “internet.” This makes a lot of sense when you look back at how the first iPhone was, in many ways, the world’s first smartphone.

7. How Many iPhones Sold?

Did you ever sat down and think about how many iPhones Apple manages to sell? In case you’re wondering, they're reported to have sold 2 billion units since launch!

When comparing Samsung and iPhone phones to know which one is better, many consider the iPhone as the winner. The numbers support that claim. Despite the fact that iPhones can be a bit pricey, they make it up for their innovative design and cool features. 

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These are 7 fascinating and true facts about iPhones! iPhones may have only been in the industry for about a decade but their influence and history are exceptional.

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