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A Leather Bag for Every Style & Personality - BlackBrook Case

A Leather Bag for Every Style & Personality

Leather is one of the most sought-after materials in the world. It’s equipped with a style, look, feel quality, durability, and versatility that no other material can duplicate. It’s no wonder leather has been utilized for nearly 7,000 years -- dating back to the Egyptian civilization in 5000 BC.

Today, leather has a variety of uses -- including clothing, footwear, upholstery, furniture, tools, sports equipment, gloves, binding, saddles, accessories, cases, and holsters. Of course, we’re not here to talk about any of those. Instead, we’re going to discuss the beauty of leather bags. 

Bags are one of the earliest uses of leather material, along with footwear and tools. They help keep your belongings safe and protected from the various dangers the outside world presents. We firmly believe that there’s no material better-suited for your bag than good quality leather.

Leather bag on grass

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Leather Bag

If you’re interested in adding a leather bag to your closet collection, be prepared to find a world of different options at your disposal. There’s certainly no shortage of leather bags available today and they each come in unique sizes, colors, styles, functions, designs, qualities, and features. 

Don’t worry, we’re going to help you find the perfect leather bag that’s suited to your exclusive style and personality. We’ll list all the major factors you should consider before making a decision -- including material, style, accessibility, security, color, size, comfort, and price. 

Let’s get started!

Quality Material

One thing you need to know about leather is that not all leather products are created equal. They come in a variety of different qualities and grades depending on the type of animal hide used, the part of the animal hide used, and the grain layer that’s used. These factors determine the quality.

For the highest-quality leather, look for leather that’s labeled as full-grain, opposed to top-grain or corrected grain. Avoid genuine or faux leather, since those are often the lowest quality products. 

Stylish Design

Whether you’re looking for a fashion statement or something for daily use, you’re going to want a leather bag that’s designed to fit your unique style. We all have our own look that we’re going for -- it’s what gives us character and personality. Your leather bag is no different in that regard.

You’ll also want to decide what type of leather bag you want. Are you looking for a leather backpack, a purse, a tote bag, a messenger bag, a handbag, or a fanny pack? It’s up to you!

Woman carrying leather handbag


It doesn’t matter what you’re using the leather bag for, you want to ensure that your valuable belongings are easily accessible to you. That means having enough pockets to store all your stuff, including small pockets that are much more useful than anyone gives them credit for.

For example, if you’re using your leather bag for business trips, you’re going to want your laptop, writing pad, writing utensils, or maybe even your passport easy to grab to save you time. 

Security & Protection

While accessibility is widely important, you shouldn’t have to compromise security and protection. Leather already does a great job of protecting your valuable belongings from outdoor elements, but you also want to make sure those belongings are secure from theft and mischief. 

Find a leather bag that’s sturdy enough to protect your items when your bag is thrown around, but also find one that provides extra security -- such as zippers that support a lock attachment.


When most people think of leather, they immediately think of the natural brown or tan color that it comes in. While this is the gold standard with leather products, it isn’t your only option available today. In fact, technology has made it easier to provide different colors without ruining the quality.

For example, you can find leather bags available in blue, red, pink, white, black, green, gray, and orange. It’ll be easy to find the perfect bag to match your outfit or your personal favorite color. 

leather briefcase


The next factor you’ll want to consider is the size of the leather bag. After all, you want to ensure that your bag is big enough that it easily holds all your favorite items but small enough to carry around without being a nuisance. For this, you want to consider what you’ll be using the bag for. 

Are you trying to fit your laptop in there? What about clothing or kid’s toys? Are you looking for something that only holds your wallet, keys, and phone? It’s up to you, so definitely think it over.


Leather is a material that’s naturally comfortable, especially when comparing it to other types of material available. With that said, you want to make sure your leather bag is both comfortable to carry in your hand and wear on your back or shoulder. It all depends on how you’re using it.

If it’s not comfortable, you won’t want to wear it as often as you’d like and you could risk an injury or discomfort with excessive use. Of course, that’s the last thing you want out of your bag.


The final factor you’re going to want to consider is the price. When it comes to leather products, especially leather bags, you certainly get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a high-quality leather bag, you’ll have to cough up a pretty penny to get it -- but it’s 100% worth the investment.

The key here is to make sure you’re buying from a reputable company to ensure you’re not paying more than you have to. It should be a good investment, not one that breaks the bank.

guy holding leather bag

Leather Bags Available at Black Brook Case

If you’re looking for high-quality recommendations when shopping for a new leather bag to call yours, you’ve come to the right place. At Black Brook Case, we only make and sell the highest quality leather bags available on the market. You’ll 100% be satisfied with what we have to offer.

We have small handbags, messenger bags, briefcases, extra-large tote bags, laptop sleeves, crossbody bags, business work folios, and sling backpacks available in premium full-grain leather. If you’re interested in shopping for the best-in-class leather bags, contact us today!

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