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iPhone 13 Pro Release Date, Rumors, Leaks, and Specs - BlackBrook Case

iPhone 13 Pro Release Date, Rumors, Leaks, and Specs

One of the most anticipated phones of 2021 is the iPhone 13. Reports suggest Apple is preparing for their largest production cycle of iPhones in decades. Whether you're upgrading from an old model or like to upgrade every year, the iPhone 13 Pro is set to be the leading flagship mobile device of the year. 

Read on to learn the latest rumors, hints, and leaks about the next great Apple iPhone.


Better Battery Life

Apple's iPhone has always had great battery life, but the company is rumored to be increasing battery capacity with the iPhone 13 Pro. In fact, some believe this battery upgrade could be the biggest and best feature on the new iPhones. Software and hardware advancements will allow you to charge less often and do more with your new iPhone.

Improved Wireless Capabilities

iPhone 12 introduced iPhone users to 5G speed. The new iPhone 13 will include a 5G modem for data on the go. There are also some rumored improvements to other wireless features.

Bluetooth range and reliability are part of the new radio chipset in the iPhone 13. That's great news for users of AirPods and other Bluetooth devices. The WiFi radio will likely receive an upgrade to WiFi 6E for extended range and faster speeds. 

A New Display for iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone is long known for its great display. Apple invented the high-resolution retina display and recently switched its display panels to OLED technology. With the iPhone 13, we may see a move to the innovative LTPO display.

LTPO stands for low-temperature polycrystalline oxide. In short, it's a display technology that allows for lower power consumption at a higher resolution and refresh rate. That means buttery-smooth scrolling and tack sharp text and images.

Prepare for Portrait Video

Apple changed the way people took photos when they release portrait mode photography with the iPhone 7 Plus. The dual-camera array allowed the phone to take two images at once and blend the foreground image with a blurred background. This bokeh effect is usually reserved for high-end DSLR cameras with special lenses, but Apple brought it to the masses with their phones. 

With the iPhone 13 Pro, expect to see this same capability for video. The improved processing power of the latest A-series chip and advanced optical sensors will make portrait video mode possible. We've seen hints of this capability in the beta version of FaceTime.  

Same Form Factor

Apple usually sticks with the same form factor of their phones for two to three years. That means any accessories you bought for an iPhone 12 will likely work with your iPhone 13. Even if you aren't planning on upgrading to the iPhone 13, you can still upgrade the look of your existing iPhone with leather cases and wallers from Blackbrook.

Fall is iPhone Season

Apple's iPhone 13 Pro release is right around the corner. We are excited to see the latest innovations from Cupertino, including bigger batteries, improved wireless capabilities, and advanced display technology. One of the biggest updates will be portrait mode video that gives every burgeoning filmmaker and YouTube professional-looking footage from the palm of their hand.

Keep your new iPhone looking new and give your existing phone a fresh look with accessories from Blackbrook. Shop our store for iPhone accessories today!

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