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A Sneak Peak at Apple AirPods Pro 2: What's To Come - BlackBrook Case

A Sneak Peak at Apple AirPods Pro 2: What's To Come

In October 2019, Apple AirPods Pro marched into the earbuds party and took over with its 6 billion in sales for Apple - twice the earnings on the original (basic) AirPods did in 2018. It should come as no surprise that rumors of the next-generation AirPods - Apple AirPods Pro 2, have consumers chomping at the bit.

Apple is (in)famous for being tight-lipped about their releases and dropping surprises when it comes to their new technology drops, so internet and tech sleuths have been sniffing around every corner of the web for the AirPods Pro 2 release date and when it might be announced.

Here's what we know so far:

No One Really Knows Anything 

Look, let's be honest - every report out there is conjecture at worst and an educated guess at best. We do know, however, that when they are released, there will be tons of products out there that claim to protect your charging case, help you keep track of their location, and do everything but make you a sandwich.

If you thought neon, glow-in-the-dark cases would help you with not losing your AirPods Pro or not sending them through the washing machine, this is likely a sore subject - but fear not. Blackbrook has got you covered.

Rumors, Smoke, and Mirrors on Release Date

We were supposed to get some tea spilled on the AirPods Pro 2 release date in early 2021, but we obviously know how that prospect ended up. The next date that was predicted was sometime in October 2021. Nope!

The next theory was the company's desire to launch the new AirPods Pro 2 at their "Peek Performance" event in March 2022. They didn't so much as mention it, and now you're hopefully seeing a pattern developing.

The latest "news" is that they are due to debut along with the (also rumored) iPhone 14 in September or October 2022. Cautious optimism is encouraged here, folks.

New Features on the Apple Airpods Pro 2?

Of course there are, and some sound (no pun intended) incredible! We won't list all of the gossip here because some of it is pretty far-fetched. You can expect some new directional audio features, advanced noise-canceling technology, and maybe a change in the physical design of the next-generation AirPods (no more weird-looking stems? Fingers crossed?).

But again, who really knows? The reliable word on the street is about a price point that is pretty close, if not identical, to the price of the original AirPods Pro - right at or around $250.

Protect Your Investment

Whether the AirPods Pro 2 release date is tomorrow or January 31st of 2024, you want to protect that investment. Superior sound quality most definitely calls for superior leather, protection, and style.

Forget the silicone, glow-in-the-dark AirPods Pro cases that last about a week and be an adult. Contact us for your Apple Airpods Pro 2 case (whenever it finally comes out, if it ever comes out) or any of your leather accessory needs. 

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