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What's the Buzz? Latest iPhone 14 Rumors - BlackBrook Case

What's the Buzz? Latest iPhone 14 Rumors

If you're an Apple or iPhone aficionado, you know that each fall is when the latest phones are usually revealed. While Apple usually remains pretty tight-lipped about the exact release date, it's usually sometime in September or early fall. This suspense fuels the rumor mill as to what we can expect with the new phones. 

Even though we're months away from a potential release date, there's no lack of speculation about what features the new iPhone 14 will have. Want to know the latest from the experts? Read on for all of the iPhone 14 rumors floating around.

Say Goodbye to the iPhone Mini

Most experts agree that the iPhone Mini will be retired with the launch of the iPhone 14. The 12 mini and 13 mini both sold poorly, so it's widely speculated that they'll be phased out with this model.

Notchless Design...Maybe

If you've ever had to line up a screen protector on your iPhone, you know what a pain the "notch" is on the front of your screen. This notch holds the camera and the rumor is that this notch is either going away for good, to be replaced with a pinhole camera. However, some of the leaked details show the higher-end models (the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max) with a notch and a pinhole camera. 

The notch will hold the front camera and the pinhole will hold the face ID projector. Or, as some speculate, the notch could go away altogether, on all models. 

No More Ports

The introduction of the lightning port was a controversial decision made back in 2012 when Apple released the iPhone 12. Ten years later, the rumors are that ports are going away for good, and the iPhone 14 will be charged wirelessly. 

This, of course, renders charging cords and other accessories mostly useless once you upgrade your phone. 

Improved Battery Life

Improvements in 5G technology will hopefully boost the battery life of the new iPhone 14. Because the new 5G components are smaller, Apple can put a larger battery inside the chassis, giving you a longer battery life.


Better Camera

The iPhone 14 will have the standard dual camera and the 14 Pro will still have the triple camera, the speculation is that the Pro models are going to have an improved camera sensor and be able to support 8K recording, which is something that is already available on the Samsung Galaxy phones. 


Tougher Materials

The iPhone 14 Pro is reportedly going to have a titanium alloy body instead of stainless steel. Titanium alloy is tougher than stainless steel, and also lighter. It's also more resistant to scratches and bending. 

After all, if you're shelling out the money for the Pro, you don't want it to be scratched up and dented. 

Do You Believe the iPhone 14 Rumors? 

While we won't know how much truth there is to these iPhone 14 rumors, you can bet that Apple has something up its sleeves to wow us later this fall. Whether these rumors prove to be true or not, the iPhone 14 launch will definitely be one to watch, as every new version of the iPhone seems to be more advanced than the previous one. 

If you're ready to upgrade your phone when the 14 comes out, be sure you have a case and accessoriesto fit. Check out our line of leather cases and other accessories for your phone to protect your investment.

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