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Accessorize with Style: How to Plan for Leather Color Coordination - BlackBrook Case

Accessorize with Style: How to Plan for Leather Color Coordination

Color is one of the things that attract attention and show off personality. We use color in our outfit choices every day. When you think about how you pulled your outfit together today, did you consider leather?

Rumor has it that you should. Leather is making a comeback in a big way.

But how do you combine color and leather to make it look good? The secret is in color coordination. 

Color coordination is all about choosing a color scheme. Turns out that color theory is just as important with your artwork as it is with your outfit. We'll jump right in and show you how to incorporate leather into your everyday looks.

Whether you're going on a first date or heading out to work you need to look your best. Heck, you wantto look your best. Take the stress out of your fashion with these tips that will turn heads. 

1. Accentuate With Accessories 

Add leather seamlessly into your outfit with leather accessories. Incorporating a leather belt with any outfit is a great way to make it look more polished. Even a braided leather wristlet takes your look up a notch.  

A leather bag is a great way to make sure you can carry everything and look your best. Deciding on a dark leather or a more worn look also adds a sophisticated edge. Make the accessory trends work in your favor. 

2. Consider Color Dimension

Leather is a timeless material that brings sophistication and durability into one. Pairing that with color means you have a few things to consider. Like the intensity and value of that color.  

Use Neutral Colors 

Wardrobe colors that are neutral provide a nice calm palette to display leather. They provide leather the stage it needs to really shine. Make a shirt and pants neutral like grey or olive green and the leather will become the star. 

Pick a Primary Color 

The primary color is the bright and bold in your outfit. If you decided on a dark grey suit consider purchasing yellow shoelaces. A primary accent color is a good way to add a playful touch and incorporate the color coordination you need. 

The primary color contrasts with the leather to add a stylish punch to your attire.  

3. Pair It Perfectly 

Pair your look together by adding unique styling accessories. Buy leather suspenders to compliment your suit. Have a leather phone case you use daily. Pairing leather perfectly into your every day will elevate. 

Leather Color Coordination You Can Count On  

The right color coordination is key when wearing leather. Here at Black Brook, we have all the leather accessories you need to make that happen. Each item is hand-crafted and high-quality.

Whether you're looking for a leather phone case or a bag, we have a variety to keep you covered. For more inspiration check out our Instagram.

To learn more on how to elevate your look check out our site. We carry a variety of products like leather headphone pouches and Apple watchbands

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