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How to Tell if You're Looking at High-Quality Leather - BlackBrook Case

How to Tell if You're Looking at High-Quality Leather

Did you know that cattle and bison make up for 67% of leather hides

But, there's definitely a difference in the levels of quality offered by these leathers. 

And knowing the distinction between low and high-quality leather can save you time and money. 

So keep reading to learn the different qualities to look for when shopping for leather goods!

Low-Quality Leather

Low-quality leather can be disguised under many names. For example, it can be called genuine leather, bonded leather, fiber, or reconstituted leather. 

These types only last for a short time and are usually coated with plastic. And oftentimes they feel stiff, brittle, and hard. 

Additionally, if the leather has a perfect pattern to the grain, it was most likely stamped to imitate texture. 

High-Quality Leather 

In order to ensure the highest quality leather, it is important to know which animal it is coming from, which part of the body it comes from, and the layer of hide used. 

Also, look for the quality of tanning and processing/finishing. Higher quality leather means high-quality stitching and edging.

Another important factor is making sure to check the leather grades of the product. Keep an eye out for top-grain or full-grain leather, as they are of higher quality. 

Grades of Leather

The grades of leather help to differentiate the quality, durability, and lifespan of the hides. The five most common grades of leather include:

  • Full-grain leather
  • Top-grain leather
  • Split-grain leather
  • Genuine leather
  • Bonded leather 

Full-grain leather is the highest quality available. It is when the hair is eliminated and the hide goes right into the tanning process. It is stronger and more durable and is not altered to hide imperfections. 

Top-grain leather is second on the quality scale. This is when the top layer is sanded or buffed, otherwise known as splitting. This is usually done to provide a fresh surface or make the hide thinner. 

Split-grain leather is the bottom part of the hide after it is split. Sometimes called suede, it's known for its nappy look. And it is usually found in work gloves. 

Unfortunately, the term "genuine leather" isn't always accurate. This term only means that there is some sort of leather in the product. It's made of many different fibers in order to imitate high-quality leather. 

Bonded leather is a mix of real and fake leather, usually from the leftovers and scraps of other products. They bind these fibers together to mimic the texture and feel of real leather. Therefore, making it cheap and unreliable. 

Buy Genuine Leather Today

Keep in mind, there are a few different leather grades to choose from ranging from high to low qualities. This article is sure to help you differentiate between which grade will work best for your wants and needs.

We have products ranging from phone cases to wallets. So visit our site for your high-quality leather goods today!

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