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Apple clarifies how many items can be tracked in Find My - BlackBrook Case

Apple clarifies how many items can be tracked in Find My

Apple's Find My App: A Comprehensive Tracking Solution

Apple's Find My app icon

An Overview of Apple's Find My App

Apple's Find My app provides a powerful and reliable tracking solution for users to locate their electronic devices and compatible items. With an easy-to-use interface, it offers peace of mind knowing that precious belongings are just a tap away.

Why Keeping Electronic Devices Safe and Trackable Matters

In today's fast-paced world, keeping electronic devices safe and trackable is essential. The ability to locate misplaced or lost items can save time, resources, and even prevent potential data breaches.

Increased Item Limit in Find My App

As of iOS 16, Apple has confirmed an increase in the Find My items limit from 16 to 32, making it even more convenient for users to keep track of a wider range of belongings. Coupled with the upcoming release of BlackBrook Case's card trackers, it will provide an even more seamless tracking experience.

Apple's Find My App: The New Limit

Apple's Find My app has been a valuable tool for keeping track of electronic devices, ensuring their safety and ease of retrieval. Until recently, the app allowed users to track up to 16 items. However, Apple has made a significant update to the Find My app, increasing its tracking capacity.

As of iOS 16, the Find My app now accommodates tracking for up to 32 items, doubling the initial limit. This change has been confirmed through a recently updated Apple support document. With this increased tracking capacity, users can now keep a closer eye on more of their valuable items, providing an added layer of protection and convenience.

It is essential to stay updated with the latest advancements in tracking technology, and BlackBrook Case is no exception. BlackBrook Case will offer card trackers that can be seamlessly integrated with Apple's Find My app, making it easier than ever for users to keep track of their belongings to work with their unique wallets Wade, Bond and Grant models.

Which Items Count Towards the Limit

As the Find My items limit has increased from 16 to 32 with iOS 16, it is essential to understand which items count towards this limit. Apple's Find My app can track various devices and accessories, ensuring that users can keep tabs on their valuable items.

AirTags are one of the most popular items compatible with the Find My app. These small, coin-shaped devices can be attached to personal belongings, making it easy to track their location.

Another category of items that count towards the limit is AirPods and their different generations. However, it is essential to note that some AirPods models are considered multiple items due to each individual earbud and charging case being counted separately.

Newer MagSafe Wallets also contribute to the item limit. These wallets are designed to attach to the back of an iPhone, and their compatibility with the Find My app adds an extra layer of security and convenience for users.

Users can also track select Beats headphones using the Find My app. This feature allows users to easily locate misplaced headphones and prevent loss.

Finally, third-party accessories with Find My support are also included in the item limit. Apple has opened up its Find My app to work with various third-party manufacturers, allowing users to track a wider range of products. This expansion is a welcome addition to the Find My app, considering that BlackBrook Case will soon offer card trackers compatible with the app.

BlackBrook Case and Find My Compatibility

With the increased item limit in Apple's Find My app, more products can now be conveniently tracked. BlackBrook Case will offer a new slim card tracker that is the same dimension with a credit card which will be wirelessly charged that will last up to 12 months.

The convenience of tracking valuable items made from premium materials is now more accessible with the Find My app's increased limit from 16 to 32 items as of iOS 16, as confirmed by a recently updated support document.

Upcoming Card Trackers from BlackBrook Case

As the Find My app continues to expand its capacity for tracking more items, increasing its limit from 16 to 32 with iOS 16, it becomes increasingly essential for customers to have compatible accessories. BlackBrook Case is aware of this need and is excited to announce the upcoming addition of card trackers to their product line. These sophisticated card trackers will seamlessly integrate with Apple's Find My app, ensuring that customers can keep tabs on their valuable belongings with ease. With a slim profile that is similar to a credit card and charged wirelessly that will last 12 months these will be great addition to wallet models.

By offering card trackers that work effortlessly with the Find My app, BlackBrook Case continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing elegant and functional solutions for its customers. Stay tuned for more information on the release of these card trackers, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuables are easily trackable through Apple's Find My app.

Invest in high-quality cases and accessories that you value enough to track and protect, such as those offered by BlackBrook Case. Browse and shop for premium leather cases and accessories today and elevate your tracking experience.

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